Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Life Changing Events

You never know how things will affect you until they actually happen. Todd was off work for four months and just recently started his new job. There was much talk and discussion about how things would be when he was a working. I think reality has finally set in now that I am helping with the cooking and doing the cleaning by myself :). I am very thankful for his new job but am dealing with the emotional aspects of not having him every weekend to do the things we love to do together--watch football, have breakfast in bed, go shopping, and be with the family.

I feel the same will be when the baby comes. We can do all the planning ahead of time but you don't realize what a life changing event it really is. The baby's room may be ready and the nursery stocked but the emotional and mental changes will be so dramatic. We will have another life to care for everyday. I don't think this is something parents will ever be fully prepared for. You never really know how it will affect you until it happens. All I can do is pray and leave it to the Lord....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Got the BABY BUMP going!!!

Todd and I went to the doctor today and heard the baby's heart beat. It was 144 bpm! Our next appointment is October 15th. We will get to have another sonogram done finally!!! We aren't going to find out the sex still...for all those dying to know, it will add to the excitement on the day of!

I have been feeling a ton better but am lacking in energy. While Todd is at work on the weekends, I am usually on the couch in comfy clothes all day. It's wonderful but at the same time I feel so worthless.Comfy is definitely key when you are pregnant. I have had a hard time finding comfy maternity clothes so I am going to settle for regular clothes in a bigger size plus the clothes at the maternity stores aren't that cute. I bought the only cute shirt at Motherhood maternity the other day.

I have decided that being pregnant in the middle of the summer would suck. If I get hot I feel horrible and we all know that summers in Texas are HOT! Just cooking makes me hot. I made dinner one night for Todd and had to sit down so he could finish it...I know...I'm pathetic!! Easy way out :)

I have definitely learned that pregnant women do not get special treatment. I was at Waly World the other day with my cute "expecting" tee that my mom got me and the guy just looked at me after he rang me up...since when do you put your own groceries in the cart?! I was so mad when I left there...that was just RUDE of him!

Here is a cute shirt shirt my mom got me!! I love it! Thanks Mom!

I had the weirdest dream this past week. I went into labor at only 20 weeks but was really full term but the doctors did not know it! When I left the hospital I was totally unprepared and didn't have a car seat so Todd and I drove around with the baby in our arms!! I was so worried the next morning about buying a car seat!!! I was ready to order it immediately but we all know I have a ways to go.