Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Parker is at a really fun age. Although his is a crazy lil toddler that has his moments, he is hilarious and cracks Todd and I up all the time. He is obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba and walks around saying 'Gabba' all the time to anything. His words include Gabba, Mama, Dad, Bubba, Mimi, Papi, Gaga, Nana, Dog, Kit Kat (cat), duck...he growls for most any animal or truck, motorcycle, points out bird, planes. He loves to play outside still and has been really busy driving his cars everywhere. He is also interacting with other kids more. We met a girl at a park several weeks ago who has 2 kids (3 and 4 yrs old). We try and get together weekly to let the kids play and they love it. I love to see my baby grow in different ways, especially establishing relationships with other friends! "uh oh" there was food on Daddy's face...gotta pick it off!
Eating veggie dogs, carrots and sweet potato fries!

Washy Washy! He still loves his bath!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

More sleep please!

I have finally found the time to do some updating. Lately Austin has had colic therefore my nights have consisted of a bit of work mixed with a challenge to calm a screaming baby from 1 -3 hrs. It has made us exhausted. Some nights have been better than others in the past week. I bought Colic tablets last week from Whole Foods that seem to be helping and we have reverted back to swaddling. It helps to have Todd around so we are able to take turns holding and calming him. The Dr. says he should outgrow this by 3 months!!! Makes me want the time to pass but at the same time I hate that he is growing so fast. Tonight has been a good night so far. He has fussed very little and is taking little cat naps. Hopefully he gets a good nights rest along with mommy and daddy!

He will be 8 weeks Thursday and already growing out of his 3 month clothes. He is definitely not having a problem putting on the weight like Parker did. I can't wait till his 2 month check up next week to find out how much he weighs and how long he is.

He is awake more during the day but usually takes several naps throughout. He has also started smiling, following faces and light and is holding his head up like a champ.Smiling while he's sleeping!

Swaddled with the boppy

Loving on my dog blanket! Parker always makes sure I have it just like he has his duck blanket

Taking a bath! Austin has been taking bath's since he was a week old and loves them just like his brother.

Showing off and holding my head up!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Howl O Ween

I had the two cutest Sock Monkey's around this year for Halloween! Parker's was a planned outfit and Austin's was courteous Leslie Babineaux. Austin's outfit just so happened matched a hat I had already had made for him for his newborn pictures. It was a real challenge to get Parker in his that morning for school but I managed to do it with all the kicking and screaming! The hat was a hit or miss thing but didn't stay on for long. That evening we were packing things up to head to Weatherford for Trick-or-Treating and while Todd was changing Parker's diaper he discovered Parker had completely pooped out of his diaper and the costume was full of it also...yuck!! Todd threw Parker in the tub for a quick wash and I hand washed the costume. On the way to Weatherford we hung it out the window for a quick dry! I am so glad Todd was around for yet another chaotic moment at the Dehls' house!

The night was a success even if Parker refused to walk up to any house or even say Trick-or-Treat. He got a handful or candy (which is too much :o)), went through a mini haunted house without screaming and passed out candy with Madeleine and Meadow at Mimi and Papi's house. We had a blast but were all pooped including Austin who managed to sleep majority of the time!

Parker and his girlfriend Ella! This was after Parker stopped screaming and he was bribed by the candy!

Busy Busy Weekend!

We all look forward to the weekend but I am glad this one is over with. It was a very busy weekend. Saturday, we made our rounds starting in Weatherford for Meadows last soccer game. She is such a good little soccer player. She scored 2 points in her last game. I am so proud of her! next, we drove to Southlake for a Birthday party. Upon arrival we discovered Parker's diaper was so full that his pants were completely soaked so he had to be that kid running around in a diaper and I was the mom who came unprepared! Parker had a blast at the party. It was at Jump for Fun with tons of inflatable to jump in and slide on! After the party we had to go shopping for some pants before heading to Forney for a Halloween Party/House Warming Party at Ryan and Jennifer's. On the way we made a detour to McDonald's to kill some time. There he played with several older boys in the basketball area. He does really good at fitting in with other kids and playing. He just jumps right in and quickly becomes the center of attention! Finally we arrived at my brother's beautiful new home for the party. It was a nice time and another chance to see the family. Parker got lots of play time on the stairs teaching Liam how to go up and down! 11 hours later we arrived back home. Parker had only had 2 30 min naps and we all crashed, even Austin and he slept most all day!

The next day we failed to make it to church after waking up late from some much needed sleep. We were able to get some things done around the house and ended the day on a date. Parker stayed home with a sitter while Todd, Austin and I went and ate dinner at Italian Inn. He was not his usual sleeping self on this dinner date but very fussy. He had an upset tummy. I didn't ruin the date but added to the eventful weekend!

It was a great weekend but very busy...I was looking forward to the week after that!

Pumpkin Patch

We took the boys to a Pumpkin Patch last week and Parker loved it and Austin slept! They had lots of wooden cartoon characters every where...one in particular that Parker loves "Yo Gabba Gabba"!!! He was in awe over them and very excited to see them. There was also a wooden truck for him to get in and play with the steering wheel, a pumpkin house, a field of pumpkins, and a bounce house slide. Parker loved the slide. It was the very last thing we did before leaving and he left there kicking and screaming! It was a fun first Pumpkin Patch for Austin and just fun for Parker!


I was blessed to have two showers thrown for Baby Austin after his arrival. Sunday, October 23rd, my sister and mom threw me a shower with family and a few friends. It was a nice gathering with good company. It is always good to see the family. I got lots of goodies for Austin including...the johnny jumper, bathtub, a book, gift cards, lotion, bubble bath, wash, Austins name blocks and the split screen baby monitor!! I love my new baby monitor. I can see both rooms on one monitor. It will be great when we get Austin in his room also. The name blocks look awesome in his room on the shelf above his bed! It was definitely a special day honoring my sweet baby boy. Having the shower after his arrival also gave everyone a chance to see him and hold him.

Shower number two was the next day at Winewood in Grapevine. This shower was thrown by work and Chrissa and Leslie. It was a small nice gathering for lunch. I got lots of diapers and wipes and gift cards.

I am truly blessed with great friends and family!