Sunday, March 24, 2013

18 Month Check Up

Friday we went to Austin's 18 month check-up. It was finally a trip to the Dr. that he wasn't sick!! He only had to get 1 shot this time and doesn't go back for a "well" check until he turns 2. I'm sure we will be back there before's just inevitable. He is a healthy growing boy with both his ears and lungs being clear. Both which I was a bit worried about. We got another rx for his asthma meds at this time also just in case! He was very impressed with his vocabulary. He knows more than the average 20 words at this age. He talks and communicates very well even if it's a 10 minute tantrum in the kitchen floor because we have no more drinkable yogurt! He also was impressed with him not fighting me over food. He says that at this age they usually start testing and stop eating most fruits and veggies. He eats most anything you put in front of him including his favorite veggies...corn, green beans and carrots!!

His stats from his appointment were the following....

Weight: 27.14 lbs ----> 90%

Height: 33 1/2 in. ----> 80%

Head: 48.4 cm ---->80%

He is a BIG boy!! He's gotta be big to defend himself though!

Three Year Check-up

Friday we finally went to Parker's three year check up. Rather than making more than the needed trips this month we combined it with Austin's 18 month check-up. I had been telling him "no shots, no shots" for days leading up to the appointment but when we got there, I was sad to know they had to prick his finger for an iron count. He was not happy with Ms. Lisa at all. The blood work came back excellent. Other than that, Dr. Davidson says I have a healthy boy. He says the potty training issue is just a power struggle and continue doing what we are doing and that if he wants to pee his pants, he will then get treated like a baby because baby's wear diapers. We are on day 3 with out an accident at this time but I'm just letting it go for now with no rewards. I figured it's just a short lived thing but hope its not.

Besides being a healthy boy, he has a virus right now. He woke up at school Thursday screaming. Shortly after I found out he had fever and when we were leaving he began throwing up. Poor kid has had fever off and on since Thursday but hasn't thrown up since Thursday when we got home from school. He has had a rough time with it mostly at night waking up achy. Hopefully it passes soon as we are on Day 3.

Parker's stats from his check-up were the following...

Weight: 33.2 lbs ----> 65%

Height: 37 in. ----> 40%

He's a average little boy!!

Crazy Kids = Crazy Fun!

At the museum with best friends Cammie and Miles

Crazy Birthday boy at OTB

Painting with Brother, showing him how its done!

Raining Day fun at the beginning of Spring made a hop scotch, bowling, Easter eggs, painting with cars and bubble wrap play area!!

Enjoying the sandbox daddy built Parker for his Birthday!

Snack Break!

Never a dull moment till Austin fell and his front teeth went thru his lip

Enjoying a treat after school on Valentines Day!

Practicing his skills until mommy banned him from painting as he tried to run thru the house with the paint brush!

Park fun with the crazy cousins!!
Doing a breathing treatment...not his favorite thing in the world

He loves him some corn on the cob!!

The one and only time he has peed on the potty!
As we all know these boys keep me very busy!! I thought a picture blog would sum up the events of the last month or so. We are constantly busy at school, outside enjoying the weather or with family. The wonderful weather the week of spring break was such a tease for Spring. We were outside as much as possible enjoying a walk or time playing at the park or in the backyard. We are looking forward to more warm weather soon and to get out of this house.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Parker is Three!

My baby turned three last week. He has grown so much. We had a fantabulous Cat In The Hat Birthday Party at Pump It Up with both friends and family.I haven't quite figured out what three means. Are we past the terrible twos? The transition from two to three seems worse than most of the twos. We have reached a whole new level of testing. Spanking and threatening don't seen to do the trick to correct the problem long term.We are still in the independence stage but he has more of an understanding of things. Hopefully as the year goes on, the behavior changes for the better and he understands that good things come when you act good.

He goes for his 3 year check up at the end of the month when I take Austin for his 18 mo check up. Trying to make less trips to the Dr! He is slowly moving into size 4T clothes and size 8 shoes. He still wears a diaper at nap and bed time but with the constant battle to keep him dry during the day, that is the least of my worries.

Some of his favorite toys are bubbles, buzz lightyear and woody, his new sandbox and all the tools that go with it...his favorite movies are Toy Story, Lion King and Polar Express.

He is a pretty picky eater so he usually chooses not to eat but some of his favorite foods include chicken nuggets, applesauce, baby food pouches, granola bars, yogurt, yogurt raisins, chocolate bunnies, yogurt melts and sliced or grated cheese.