Monday, January 31, 2011

"I'm Going To Be a Big Brother"

Wow! Parker's Birthday is only a month away and baby number two is already in the oven! Todd and I have suspected for the past week and finally took a test Saturday, January 29th and I went to the Dr today for a blood test. We have decided to wait until Parker's birthday Party to tell anyone. I am horrible at keeping secrets so this will be tough but well worth it. I can't wait to see the look on their faces :o)

We told Parker Sunday morning when he woke up. He didn't understand a word I said but it was a very special moment. I have many fears about the new babies arrival. The biggest being Parker's reaction. I sure hope he is a loving big brother and not resentful.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

11 Month Birthday

Parker is officially in the home stretch to his first birthday...28 days and counting! This weekend we met Megan and the girls and rode the Forest Park Miniature Train and took Parker's Birthday pictures. I will not be posting these pictures yet as it would ruin the surprise! I will tell you he looked like the cutest little engineer I've ever seen! He was very excited to ride the train but a very tired boy who passed out shortly after getting into the car!
I am very excited about his party and hope it's a huge success! We look forward to seeing everyone.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To Eat or Not to Eat...that is the question!!

Todd and I having a really hard time with Parker at meal time lately. The things he liked yesterday may not be exactly what he wants today. Today at lunch I opted for letting him feed himself. I started out with some mac n cheese, peaches and pizza. He only ate the peaches so I added some kiwi, brisket, cheese tortilla and pears to the mix. He loved the kiwi and brisket but left everything else. I just don't understand him sometimes! Here is a sequence of events as he ate.


During...yummy!And After....

Monday, January 24, 2011


Parker had a busy weekend. Saturday he got to hang our with his cousins Madeleine and Meadow and his friends Bryce and Pierce. He loved following them everywhere and was wore out that night. He also had 3 mamas! Madeleine and Meadow are always such big helpers. They spent the night that night and were all 3 up bright and early Sunday morning and in bed with me (Todd had left for work already)! It was a great weekend. I always enjoy when my sweet nieces come to visit and I know they enjoy it too!
The past couple Thursdays Parker has gone to work with me for a couple hours while Todd has a meeting at work. These are a couple shots as we walk out the door into the COLD!Parker still enjoys his bath. During this particular bath, we were all talking to Nana and Gaga on the phone.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My New Kicks

We made a trip to Stride Rite tonight for Parker's first pair of walking shoes! Now that he is on the go, good shoes that support his little ankles are a must. His soft sole shoes now longer do the trick and make it very hard for him to walk on anything but carpet. He loved getting to untie his new shoes once we were in the car!

Not only did Parker get new shoes but he got a new car seat....a BIG BOY car seat. Lately, every time we get into the car he screams and cries because he doesn't want to be in it. I think he's just testing us. Hopefully with his new seat and turning forward in just 1 1/2 months the screaming will stop and happiness will begin again!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Walk with me, and talk with me...

10 1/2 months and Parker is full blown walking! Each day it seems that he is walking further and further without holding onto anything. He gets very excited and falls every once in a while but is doing very well! Here's a couple video's of my little walker.

I'm a Pro!!

Laughing with mom and dad...

Picture update:

Monday, January 10, 2011


After the last week, I think Parker may be a little confused! I'm pretty sure he thought he had two big brothers and now they are gone. Todd and I had the pleasure of keeping our friends boys, Bryce and Pierce, while they went out of town for 8 days! Yep day and night, Parker has had two 'brothers' to play with. He watched them wrestle, play the Wii, DSI and play Lego's. All things I'm sure he wished he could do too but was very content just watching.

I wasn't so sure the transition for sleeping was going to go very well but he slept better there than he did at home. He was taking 2 naps a day (sometimes 2-3 hr naps) and sleeping through the night (which is normal now).

While at their house, Parker also experienced his very first snow! It didn't stick but the flakes got very big!
Wow! Being a mother of 3 and having a full time job is A LOT! I give props to all those moms out there that manage to do it. I was one wore out mama and am still in recovery mode. There was always a lunch to be made, food to cook, diaper to change...Did i mention go to work too! Mom and dad time really doesn't exist at that point. Despite being tired, Todd and I really enjoyed our time with those boys. They are a lot of fun and we love them to death. I am sure there will be many more times Parker will get to enjoy his temporary brothers!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This year my family combined Christmas and New Years into one celebration despite Todd having to work Christmas Eve. I would trade my family for the world and really enjoy the time I get with them. We enjoyed appetizers by the fire side, opening presents and a late dinner that was carefully selected and tasted wonderful! I was exhausted and was asleep before midnight and so was Parker.
Parker got his first chair from my parents with his name on it. Although he didn't pay too much to it when he got it. He loves to sit in it now and play with his toys! It will be great for him as he grows.
Parker also received a super cute Ralph Lauren Polo from his Aunt Megan, Uncle Josh and Crazy M & M cousins...

I can't forget the musical instruments he also got! The drum, piano and xylophone are all so fun for Parker to bang on and make lots of noise!

Walking with my Mimi! We went home with soooo much...Parker also got pajamas, bath towels, photo album, money, socks, musical teddy bear and many more toys!! Spoiled little boy!