Tuesday, June 26, 2012

9 Months

Last Friday, Austin paid a visit to Ms. Nancy for his 9 month check up. He wasn't due for any shots but did get his big toe pricked to check his hemoglobin levels which came back normal. He has slowed down on his growth. His stats were as follows:

Heigh: 29 1/4 in ---> 60%

Weight: 21 lbs 3 oz ---> 60%

Head: 45 1/2 cm ---> 50%

He is developing normal. I spoke to Nancy about him not sleeping through the night. I know he can do it but after all the ear infections in May, he regressed and wakes up one, sometimes two times a night. This is leaving me very exhausted. We had tried once letting him cry it out but after an hour, I went ahead and fed him and hadn't tried to do it again till last night. she said to not go up there to his room and let him cry for as long as 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Last night was night one. He woke up about 12:45pm and cryed for about 2 hrs. I fell back asleep but Todd was awake for most of it. Although the monitor is turned off, you can hear him all the way down stairs with his door shut! After going back to sleep, he didn't wake up till 8am. Tonight i hope that if he wakes up he won't cry or won't cry long. I know he can do it.

Some other things Austin's been up to are clapping his hands, cuising along more easily, loves splashing in the pool, eating just about anything (we have started some table food: rice, guac, potatos, bread, cheese) and drinking about 30 oz of milk a day which is every 2 1/2 hrs.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day

What fun we got to have this weekend to celebrate Father's Day with the most loving, caring husband and father! Saturday we started out at Megan and Josh's enjoying a relaxing day in the pool. Parker loves playing with Madeleine and Meadow and loves that he can keep up with them in the pool now! Not only did he conquer the diving board with floaties but without floaties too! What a wonderful day it was to spend with not just Megan and the girls but Todd too!! Parker stayed the night at Megan's that night. He didn't sleep well and moved from nap mat to Madeleine's bed to Megan's bed. What a long night for everyone!! Sunday was a very lazy day. Church first then lunch and lots of rain. We all enjoyed sitting on the front porch with our coffee, enjoying each others company while we watched the rain. So relaxing!!

I hope Todd enjoyed his Father's Day with the boys. I am thankful they have such a loving, caring father that enjoys every minute he gets with them.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hanging Around This Summer

Austin is being a real trooper, as we go and do this summer. Sometimes he may not get his nap at the right time but he has still been in great spirits hanging out with us!

Here he is hanging out at Bill and Kris's as we were swimming with Parker. He also got to hang out in the water a bit and enjoyed splashing and playing.

He is still practicing with a sippy cup of water but usually uses it as a teething toy.

Enjoying our raining day inside. Austin liked watching it rain from the window much like Parker did when he was younger.

Going on our morning walk...this particular morning we left Parker at home because he slept till 9:30!!

Splashing in the water in our backyard. This was the first time I have put very little water in the pool for him to play but he loved it.

Enjoying swinging at the park before it got too warm out.

I bought EarthsBest Teething biscuits at the store and there are for sure a hit!! Austin absolutely loves them and they keep him preoccupied for a good 30 min!

Keeping cool at Mimi and Papi's with his water in hand!

So Much Fun In The Summer

We have had a fun busy summer so far. This is just a highlight from all the fun we have had over the past week...
We spent a couple days at Bill and Kris's pool practicing Parker's swimming skills. They have dramatically improved over just one weeks time. He began jumping repeatedly off the side of the pool there a week ago and now jumps freely in the pool with his floaties on all by him self!

Enjoying a yummy treat after dinner is always one of our favorite ways to end a great day!

We have got to spend some time with Madeleine and Meadow this summer while their mommy goes to school. This particular day we spent some time at the park before heading to the Children's Museum. Both are always a lot of fun!


Enjoying a raining day inside playing with his kitchen, one of his all time favorite toys right now!

More painting but this time Parker also painted a clay pot I found sitting around in the garage.

Our little fish conquering the water and swimming everywhere!! He loves that he can keep up with the girls in the pool now!

Enjoying an early morning at the park. He loves the play ground.

Today we enjoyed bowling with Madeleine and Meadow! Parker thought it was funny to try and kick the ball rather than roll or throw it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Video Update...

Parker at 27 Months Old

What is Parker up to these days? You mean....what is he not up to!!! He does anything and everything. He will talk your ear off about everything he sees when your driving or hes riding in the stroller. He talks about the dogs he hears, the colors or cars and trucks, planes, he will tell you to "go" when the light is green and also let you know when the light is red! We already have a backseat driver. He is extremely independent. He wants to try and dress him self, mow the lawn by him self, cook, put things up on his own, even flush the toilet. He had a 10 min melt down recently because I flushed the potty for him! Such drama! He takes joy from doing these things and so much more...cleaning, vacuuming, watering the lawn, painting, to name a few. He was a bit hesitant about the pool at first this year but is already jumping off the side and playing on the step. 

He defiantly keeps us smiling everyday. Tonight we had to dance to Fresh Beat before going to bed!! I look forward to each new day with him and what he is going to surprise us with.

He has gotten really good at hitting the baseball off a tee. So good, he insists on the ball being thrown to him. He has made contact with it several times hitting the ball across the yard and even hitting the house

Some memories captured over the past month...

At Mayfest about to go watch Madeleine dance..

Playing baseball with Dad!

Testing the cold water!


Being a BIG boy on the green machine!!
He loves jumping on the trampoline!!
Water Painting at water day at school!!
Peeing on the fence...gotta be careful though bc he'll go outside where ever we are!
Hanging with the neighbors!

PArker loves to play with his Papi's old cars and trucks outside!
Nothing is ever ours any more...not even a bowl of cereal. Parker loves cereal. Specifically he loves Special K yogurt and berries!!
Parker's friend David is eating the inside of his oreo's and giving the outside to Parker. PArker was on top of the world!!
Todd and his mini me!!

At Chick-fil-a with his cousins!!

Hanging out in the car while the house was being shown. What better treat than a Braum's shake!!