Friday, May 21, 2010

Growing up...

Parker is growing up so fast. He has become a real "Chunky Monkey" in the past couple weeks. He is getting a little more active with his toys and has a real interest in the TV. It is exciting and sad all at the same time. I love when he does something new but I miss it when he was so small.
Well Parker has had some firsts this past week. Last Friday night he spent the night away from home. His Mimi and Papi watched him while we went to dinner and then we all stayed the night over there. He did great despite him fighting sleep. Then Wednesday he went to his first Rangers Game. He did awesome! He loves to look around at everything going on and he loves being outside so it was right up his alley. Todd and I were even able to go to a part of the stands where I was able to feed him discreetly.
This week Parker also received wasn't his first time because I have had to do it one other time. He had it for 4 feedings while I was at work. As mentioned in my past blogs, we have been trying to figure out his tummy issue so the Dr had me do without dairy and nut products for 4 unless the milk was freshly pumped he couldn't have it. The formula did not set well with his tummy and he will no longer take it if I have no other choice. That's OK though since I would rather him not have it unless we absolutely have to give it to him.
Parker went swimming for the first time this weekend. The only part of him that went into the water was his toes but he was all dressed up in his swimsuit and hat!! It was too cute!

I think I finally have Parker on some sort of schedule...if you want to call it that! He usually goes to bed around 10 or 11pm and feeds 2-3 times before waking up around 9:30am. He will then take 2 long naps during the day. He will let you know when he is ready to go to sleep too! We plan on transitioning him to his crib as soon as we receive the baby monitor battery in the mail. It has been back ordered so it is delaying the transition. We will have his room all decorated in the next couple weeks also. I will post new pictures once the curtains are made and hung and all the decorations are on the wall.
He still makes his legs and arms go 90 to nothing....he is a busy busy boy! I had to put that in there so I remember it one day looking back!

Parker has been a busy babbler is one of his latest and greatest videos!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Well, I made it through my first Mother's Day. Saturday was a wonderful day but Sunday was eventful and stressful to say the least. We celebrated Mother's Day with my family Saturday because Todd had to work Sunday and it was a very nice relaxing day. Todd cooked breakfast and we just hung out with Parker that morning. We then got ready and Todd surprised my by taking me to Jared to pick out a diamond necklace. It's Beautiful! I am very lucky to have such a Wonderful Loving Husband! To finish off the day, we went to Joe T Garcia's and had dinner with my family! It was a lot of fun! The day went especially well since Parker was so good too!! Sunday I wasn't that lucky. The day started off a little behind..I had to prop the bottle up with a pillow to feed Parker as I finished getting ready and things ready to go to my parents.

I got Parker partially fed but knew I needed to leave to make it to church on time so I jumped in the car to leave...I think my car started laughing at me! My battery was I grabbed the neighbor kid to jump my car off. In the midst of all this Parker is screaming so I grab him and am feeding him. When my car is finally running again, I grab every blanket, burp cloth in sight and prop the bottle up once was a success. We made it all the way to the exit in Weatherford with the bottle in his mouth. I show up to church only 20 min late and sit down and Parker starts crying. Not just any cry, He stuck that lip out so far and cried like his feelings had been I jump up and leave the services only to watch it on a TV in the hall. The rest of the day was pretty much the same with Parker...he cried and fussed and cried leaving mommy very stressed by the time I got home that night. It will definitely be a Mother's Day to remember..My 1st Mother's Day! The best part of all that was getting to spend time with my mom, dad, sister and nieces. We didn't do much but enjoy each other's company!!

Parker Update: He has been growing and growing lately. He has also been sleeping a lot when he is feeling good. Hopefully we will find out was all the "fuss" is about soon. The Dr has me not eating or drinking any dairy or peanut products for 4 days...ahhhhh! That's all I eat drink...milk cheese and yogurt! But anything for the Parker Man. I really think it is the Prevacid that is upsetting his tummy because I cut down his dose and gave it to him again saturday and sunday...who knows!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Team Work

This week has been a true test of me and Todd's team work as parents. I returned to work at the office but only 3 days a week depending on Todd's schedule. Both Monday and today I had to be there at 7am which meant getting up at 5am with plenty of time to get my self ready and feed Parker. I would then return home by 2:30 to give Todd enough time to say "Hi, I love you...Bye". It has worked out great so far and has given Todd and Parker some quality time together. Parker has been great at transitioning after Todd feeding him a bottle while I am gone. I just so happened found bottles that have the soothie nipple on it much like the soothie pacifiers which he loves. I am one exhausted mama on the early days I have found out. I have fallen asleep in bed twice fully dressed holding Parker at night.

This past weekend was a little rough to say the least. Parker would scream every time you would put him down causing a tad bit of craziness for mama. Monday I decided to no longer give him the Prevacid because the Dr said it may be causing tummy aches. Tuesday was a great day again at the Dehls house. Parker seemed to be feeling much better (no more tummy aches). He didn't even scream when we went to the grocery store. It was like a light switch! He had another great day today even though he wouldn't nap for his daddy this morning but when he left for work Parker took several naps. Sorry daddy!
Now that Parker is back to his normal little self, he is back liking his toys again...his swing, bouncer...I even put him in his exersaucer today and he loved it! did I mention that he also sat in his highchair in desperation when mommy was trying to eat! It was new for him just long enough for me to eat!

Here are some pictures of him this past week..

My cousins...ok not for real but I love them to death!

Going for a walk in my new hat!!

I love being outside on the swing...sometimes I fall asleep sitting up!