Tuesday, May 28, 2013

End of School...

...Summer is here!!

I have gotten really bad at this blogging this over the past year. Hince, child two has made me that much more busy and tired.

An update on the boys happenings...

Parker is busy being Parker he finished up school last week and won't attend summer school this year. He will instead get to enjoy time with daddy, several Vacation Bible Schools, swim lessons and time playing with friends.He cried when we left Couts last Tuesday after i told him we won't see Ms. Kim and Ms. Sarah again. He was so sad. He is still a child who tests, pushes buttons and does what he wants even if it isn't the good choice. He loves to play outside on his tractor, in his sandbox or on his trampoline. He is a bit obsessed with storms right now after the tornado in Oklahoma. We pray every night that God will protect us from the storms. He is a picky eater...tonight's battle was that I bought chicken tenders not nuggets and they didn't look the same so he opted to eat carrots (which he never eats) and dip them in ketchup. Funny kid!! He is back on track with his potty training and not having accidents like we were for several months. We are now working on not peeing in the diaper at nap time and bed time which was a success today during nap!! We signed him up for fall soccer tonight and are very excited to see how he does. Although he wanted to play baseball, I think we will wait a bit longer on that as there may be too much standing and waiting for him!! Parker still takes a nap most of the time but has been trying to give it up. I'm not ready for this and he isn't either. He needs a good nap to make it thru the day. He is growing...wearing a size 4t and size 8 1/2 shoe. He can count to 20, knows all his colors, remembers everything including the sequence something may have happened, loves books, loves to cook, helps with yard work....his best friend is Rylan Smitherman. They love to play together and play well together. Parker had the opportunity to go to a cooking class and loved it. I hope he is able to do it again soon.

Austin is growing by leaps and bounds...wearing anywhere from a size 24 mo to 3t and size 6 1/2 shoe. He is very aware of when he goes potty and lets us know and wants to be changed quickly. I think he will potty train soon after he turns 2 much like Parker did. He is busy and loves to play. He doesn't care much to watch cartoons in the morning but would rather being playing with his toys which is hard when mommy and daddy want to be lazy in the mornings. He plays very well by him self with all his toys. He loves to dance to music and often shows off when he knows others are watching. He loves to cuddle and be held by his momma but is not sad anymore when I leave him with daddy, Mimi and Papi, church or at school. I have not taken him to the Dr in a couple months but that does not mean he has not been sick because he has had several viruses and ear infections since but we medicated on our own and waited the viruses out...we are fighting an ear infection as we speak. Austin has been my walking buddy lately. We have been going 1-2 times a day and he loves the ride in the stroller. He loves books and one of his favorites right now is Elmo's Valentines. He looks for elmo on every page and loves to find Count. He also communicates very well and remembers a lot of different things you wouldn't think he would...like today as we were walking, we came to a stop sign and he told me to "stop" and then "go". He also loves to point things out and name them as he sees them...trash can, basketball, rock, plane, car, pig, cow, sun (he also says eyes with sun because when we drive to school the sun is always in his eyes), bird....to name a few. His bedtime routine includes covers and praying.

These boys hold a special place in my heart. Although it seems that there are more bad days than good, they really are all good days because I have two amazing children who are healthy, loving, fun and are glowing with love for their mommy and daddy. No matter how upset I get with them, they always want my love and usually never turn away. They let me hold them and kiss all over them. At the end of the day nothing else matters but the love we have for one another. Don't take that for granite with your children, family or anyone else in your life because as we all know, everything can be just right but bad things can happen to good people no matter how safe you think you are.

Meadow's last soccer game...her biggest fans!!!

Mother's Day

Parker and Rylan

Last day of school

Helping lay sod in the nude!!

Memorial Day Weekend

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easter Weekend

Well now that we are several weeks past Easter, I will recap events to my best recollection!! It was a pleasant weekend despite some sickness. We drove to Mt. Pleasant Friday afternoon during nap time. Finally arriving at Larry and Reba's we relaxed with the family catching up and letting the boys ride the tractors. Saturday was the Easter celebration along with an early 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration for Larry and Reba. It was a beautiful day of celebration in many different ways.

We headed home Saturday night rather than Sunday after a rough night Friday. Every one's allergies were bothering them especially Austin's. He got so choked up in the night, he threw up all over me and kept throwing up. This was after it had us hours to get him to sleep. We were exhausted Saturday and just ready to get home to our own beds.

Sunday we attended a beautiful Easter service at our church followed by Easter with my family. What a blessed family we are to have such wonderful family to spend our holidays with.

Easter Egg Hunt at School

Getting Ready to Leave for Nana and Gaga's

Up bright and early with Mama having breakfast

Watching Cartoons in the lobby while daddy and Bubba sleep
Wore out already and it's only 9am

Ready for the Easter Egg hunt at Nana and Gaga's

Love this picture of Parker. Totally shows his personality!!

Love this one too!!!

Look at how many kids were there!!

Happy 50th Anniversary Nana and Gaga!!

Parker was really into the baby!

Opening gifts the Easter Bunny left

Looking handsome as ever with their Mimi and Papi!