Thursday, July 29, 2010

Month 5: Turning a new leaf

Parker has been growing so much this past month. I can't believe how time flys. These are some of the things going on:

1. Rolling over (from front to back) all the time now

2. Eating prunes, pears, green beans and carrots...he started saying 'ummm' with every bit he took tonight!

3. Wants to sit up all the time..if you hold his feet down and give him very little help, he can sit up and stay sitting up by himself unless distracted. He concentrates very hard when he sitting up!

4. The gnawing of the thumb for teething has turned into sucking of the thumb at bed time

5. He will be moving into his 6-9 month clothes this weekend

6. He weighed 15 lbs 15 oz on June 28th

7. Moving into size 3 diapers this weekend

8. He laughed out load for the first time on the 28th...he has giggled before but Parker and Todd were playing when he got home from work and he let out a laugh I had never heard before...too cute!

9. He is getting his knees under him and rocking back and forth...I am not ready for him to crawl yet.

Parker is a growing boy and growing too fast. It made me sad to see how big he looked in the mirror as I held him putting him to bed the other night. I can remember when his little butt was so close to my shoulder and could be held with my Kris and I recalled on the phone today. Although we are always looking for the next milestone, it makes me sad he is growing so fast.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Staycation Part II

After returning home Monday evening from Mt. Pleasant and shopping at the Allen Premium Outlets, we all crashed but couldn't wait for our 2nd half of our staycation. Wednesday we got up and went to my parents in Weatherford. Parker got to spent time with his other grandparents...Mimi and Papi! Todd and I got to enjoy some restaurants we don't get to go to...Brazos River Cafe, Mary's Cafe (known for their World Famous Chicken Fried Steak) and Granny's Kitchen. We all got to enjoy a lot of pool time also. Parker hasn't been so sure of the pool in the past and now loves it. He loves to splash and play in the and out of his float!

Here is a video of our little swimmer...

MIMI and her grandkids...HAPPY FAMILY!

Crazy cousins!!!Auntie Megan...Our vacation ended Sunday with a family get together at my parents. It was great to see everyone and great to finally meet Liam...Stefanie and Erik's baby boy that was born 2 days before Parker. He is a sweet boy and was so funny when he laughed. Being babies, they were on completely opposite schedules. Parker went to sleep shortly after they arrived and woke up right about the time that Liam went down for a nap. They were able to spend about an hour together and Parker couldn't keep his hands to himself. He kept grabbing at Liam and at one point had him by the ear :o) I've got to teach this boy some manners! Pictures from the family get together...

Susan and Parker...Cousins and the kids...2nd cousins...too cute!!

Staycation Part I

We had planned a vacation months ago to visit Gulf Shores, AL this past week for some R & R on the beach but despite the Oil Spill and much media hype about the oil on the beaches we chose not to risk it and do a staycation instead. Todd had 10 days off starting last Friday, so late that afternoon we drove out to his parents for the weekend. Parker was able to get to see his Nana and Gaga! They had a lot of fun and played and played. Parker did very well despite his recent people anxiety he was having. Here are some pictures from the trip...

Parker and Nana...

Parker and Gaga...

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 4th

Parker got to experience his first fireworks Saturday night at the Concert in the Gardens. My parents, sister, Madeleine, Meadow and Todd all went to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens for a picnic and to listen to the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. There were fireworks at the end that were awesome! I was a little worried about how our little munchkin would react being that they are so loud but he did great. The mouth dropped wide open upon the first firework going off and he watched the whole show falling asleep as soon as the grand finale went off. We got some cute pictures that night over everyone in their patriotic gear!

The next day we were able to enjoy some R & R at Mimi and Papi' are some pictures of Parker after his 3 hour nap!