Saturday, August 24, 2013

Potty Training at 23 Mo Old!!

Mr. Austin is potty training and doing great. Last Sunday, he showed interest as we were getting ready for church. He came to me and said he needed to go potty. Since then, he has regularly gone on the potty, both big and little, with very few accidents. He has successfully through one nap dry and down now for a nap without a diaper again!! He is totally in charge of this and loves doing it and loves putting stickers on his chart even more. Go Austin!!!

Day 1: Not so sure about sitting on the potty but when he finally went we celebrated!!

"I did it!"

By the end of day 1 he didn't want to get off the potty!!

Big brother showing him out to pee outside at Mimi and Papi's!

Playing at the park in his underwear...he wasn't ready for the shorts yet!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Rainy Day Fun

Parker and Austin have been dying for a day to play in the rain all week. They have even done rain dances and prayed for rain!! We have have had quite a bit of rain but it has all happened while we are sleeping. So this morning when I was leaving my 5am workout, there was lightning everywhere. It brought a huge smile to my face to know we were about to get rain and that the boys would possibly be awake in time to play in it. Austin was up at 6:30 because the 'bunder' woke him up and Parker up at 8:15a. He came running out of his room while a big smile saying "It's raining". We finally got outside and did a little playing in it. It was just sprinkling but there were some puddles around that they were able to splash in. They had a blast!!

 After all the fun playing outside we made cookies. These are my favorites. They are No Bake cookies. The boys loved helping me make them and even more fun eating them!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Fun Update

What have these crazy boys been up to lately...a whole lot!! Here's a summary of what is keeping us busy these days!

Finally got the chairs repainted and they are both happily sitting together at their own table in the kitchen.

Parker is hard at work "on the roof" and God is going to come out of the clouds and help him!! This is what he tells me as I ask what is going on!

Allergies act up = breathing treatments

Always busy eating something!

At the movies. This time I took them. We saw a $.50 movie at the movie theater in Hudson Oaks. It was Madagascar 3. We made it till there was 5 min left!!

At the movies with us too!!

Parker was practicing tucking Austin in on his nap mat! He was rubbing his back and giving him kisses goodnight!

Another playdate but this time with Ella, Cadence and Hudson!

He fell asleep sitting up on the couch watching cartoons after our playdate with Ella!

Happy for the moment because he got his Duck back!

HAHA! This was the night Parker was away at Aunt Megan's and Austin was getting lots of attention!!

Loves playing playdoh

Crazy kids while I'm mowing the yard

Our little Sooner just like his daddy

Sweet boy hanging with his momma poolside

Loves books!
Colored his first picture completely. He really focused on coloring the whole thing even if it was with one color!

Trying out momma's pintrest project of chiseling away the ice to get to the toys!
...and eating the ice too!!

Play Date at Pump It Up

What fun the boys had today playing with Cammie at Pump It Up! 2 hours of running, jumping and sliding!!

...and they are out!!