Monday, February 28, 2011

The Cats out of the Bag Finally!

Everyone knows now and I am definitely feeling very prego today... I think the baby knows everyone knows and that it isn't a big secret any more. We will be waiting to find out the sex of the baby again but we have names already picked out. For a boy it will either by Asher Dylan or Austin Maddox (Austin is after a close family friend we lost several years ago) and for a girl Rylee Jordan. Oh the excitement of waiting to find out.

I have been blogging over the past couple weeks but not posting them. Take a look back at all the blogs!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Big Birthday Party!

My little Parker Wayne had his first Birthday Party today! It was a huge success to say the least. The planning only took 6 months. Every little detail was planned out. The entertainment was a huge hit. I hired a train to come to the house and pull the kids around in the backyard. The kids loved it. The decorations included RR signs, Happy Birthday signs, balloons, and streamers. The cake was a train cake make of candy and cookies accompanied by orange cupcakes. Each child got a engineers hat with their name on it along with a bandanna goody bag.

A total of 42 people came to the party! Big crowd! After an hour of riding the train we opened presents and then had cake. Parker got fussy during presents but a bottle was a quick fix to that. I got so carried away with all the activities and fun I forgot about his bottle schedule. Milk is a MUST to that boy! He picked at his cupcake at first but quickly dug in and enjoyed every minute of it.

After opening all the toys, clothes, books, trike, wagon and 4-wheeler, Parker opened a very special gift that Todd and I gave him. It was also a shocker for everyone. When the present was opened there laid some sonogram pics. I said "oh look Parker, it's your sonograms pictures". To follow was a shirt that read "I'm gonna be a big brother". I then held it up for everyone to see! It took a minute for everyone to catch on but once they did they were very excited. It was such a fun way to share the news!

I hope every one had a great time and we are thankful for those who were able to make it. We look forward to sharing many more birthdays with family and friends!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby #2

I had my first doctor's appointment Thursday with a new doctor...Dr. Finke. It went well. Parker went with us and was a BIG hit with all the nurses. He ran up and down the hallway getting a lot of attention. We had the baby's 1st sonogram which was much like when we had our 1st with Parker but less anticipation since we knew what to expect. The baby measured 1.5 cm and had a heart rate of 162 bpm. My due date is either Sept 30th or Oct 6th. I was so distracted with Parker I forgot to ask!

The only people who know about this sweet baby are my self, Todd, Matt Knieriemen and Staci Forrester. I work with Matt and Staci and had to let them know in certain circumstances...sharing a room and being sick and unable to carry heavy things. The cat will be out of the bag Sunday at Parker's Birthday party though. I am so ready because too many people keep asking me if I am prego and I have to lie! Oh please forgive me. It's for your own good :o)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bye Bye Baby

I was away from Parker for the very first time this week overnight. I was gone Tuesday through Friday to Houston for work. When I left Tuesday, it was so hard. He was very clingy and when I walked out the door he had his arms stretched out at me crying. He didn't sleep the greatest while I was gone but got some good quality time with Todd and his Mimi. Todd sent me lots of pictures while I was gone and I got to talk to Parker on the phone a time or two. I was so excited to return home Friday. I was feeling horrible from the minute I got in that town...I think I'm allergic!

Upon my arrival home, I couldn't wait to see his reaction. Was he going to be mad or happy to see me?!? When I walked in the door and went looking for him, Mimi and Parker jumped out to scare me! Parker looked very confused as to why I was there but was happy to see me...I think!

We had a family day today since Todd was off. Cooked breakfast, laid in bed, planted flowers, got party stuff for the party next weekend and played! I was a much needed day together.

These are a few of the pictures Todd text messaged me while I was gone...

Waiting on his duck blanket to wash and dry!
Playing Peek-a-boo!

Just woke up from my 2 1/2 our nap

Monday, February 14, 2011

Beautiful Weather = Lots of Fun!

Wow! The weather has been very nice since the ice/snow storm. We were so ready to get outside. Sunday Parker and I had a mommy/son date. We ventured to the mall first which turned out to be a lot of fun for him. He cruised along in the stroller at first and then ran along side for a few. He was cracking him self up as he ran. When we got home we played outside.Parker watched me pull weeds and tried to imitate me and then eat the dirt. He loved running up and down the sidewalk and driveway utill he was so tired it was nap time. After nap, we ventured back outside to swing and pick up acorns. I love these times we have together...they create so many good memories!

Linus is Parker's nickname! He can't go anywhere now without his blanket!Exhausted from playing outside..

Happy Valentine's Day! Mom bought me a balloon and I loved dragging it around the house.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

What could it be?

Our sweet little Parker has been a little terror lately. He wakes up at 5:30 or 6am and isn't his good little listener self. He likes to climb on the elliptical and play with plugs which are two big no no's. Is it the new baby on the way? Is it teething?

I have read online that baby's/toddlers know when a sibling is on the way and that they rebel against the mother. Wouldn't surprise me being that it all started about the time we broke the news to him a week ago. Do I really deserve this?? I'm giving him a little brother or sister. He should be happy! He will have someone else to play with. OK so maybe he doesn't see it my way right now but hopefully he will love being a Big Brother!

So if it is teething then I hope there are at least 5 teeth coming in. He hasn't cut a tooth since November so he is due for a couple more at least.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day #4

Today was day number four of being stranded in the house. It all started Tuesday with freezing rain, sleet and snow. Last night we got an additional 4 inches of snow which was perfect to play in. The snowman building didn't go so well though! Parker did very well in it. There was no crying just lots of smiles. This was his 2nd snow but his first that actually stuck to the ground.

Day #1: So cold...the high was in the teens!
Day #4: 4 inches of snow and we are now in the 20's for a high!
Parker has 3 layers of clothes on. I didn't want my little baby to get cold or sick.

I am very thankful for this time at home. It always seems like we are going somewhere so I didn't mind staying at home even though I had to work. We all got some quality time together because Todd was off work Today and yesterday.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kisses for the Baby

Today the weather was frigid. We woke up with sleet and snow on the ground. Todd had to go to work but Parker and I were able to stay home in the warmth of our home. The weatherman says its going to be a COLD night with temperatures in the single digits...brrrr! Too cold for this mama.

While working at home and enjoying some time with Parker, I pointed to my belly telling him that the "baby" is in there. After several times of me telling him that he proceeded to give my tummy kisses. It was a great feeling even if he didn't know what he was doing. Hopefully he will give his brother/sister lots of kisses when he/she arrives!