Friday, November 16, 2012

Eventful Saturday

I survived last Saturday...just barely! We had a busy day leaving the house at 8:30am and not getting home till 9:00pm. It all started with Medow's soccer game at 9am, Veterans Parade at 10:30am, home for a quick bite and to wrap a present and head to Jasmine's birthday Party at 1pm, grocery store (which was eventful with a missing wallet), home again to unload groceries, change clothes and back out the door to church by 5:30pm for a ladies Festival of Tables. It's exhausting to even think about that day again. The boys were worn out to saw the least!!


 Birthday Party...there was a bounce house, pinata and horse ride!! The boys had a blast!!

Finally a picture of my mom and Rene with their beautifully decorated table!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


A few weeks before Halloween we went to the Zoo and did Boo at the Zoo. It was our first time and Parker loved it. There was a bounce house, little gym, games, trick-or-treating and pumpkin drawing. It got a bit warm so I'm glad we didn't dress them in their costumes. Austin liked the clowns the best!

Parker has had a bit obsession with Halloween, Trick-or-Treating and Witches since we started talking about Halloween a month ago so he was so excited to see everyone dressed up for Halloween and to see all the decorations. He was also so excited about wearing his 'Jake' costume. We had a good time going house to house and both Parker and Austin got the hang of going door to door. We are thankful for the wagon for them to ride in because they got tired very quickly. He got to eat several pieces of candy after we were done and had a very bad tummy ache the next day. Austin still doesn't get candy... maybe next year!!

Boo at The Zoo...


Friday, November 9, 2012

Austin's 1yr Pics and The Pumpkin Patch

Back in October we went to a local pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins and also catch some pictures of Austin for his first year.

Growing Boys

Time is flying and here I am again trying to play catch up as I am not doing a very good job at blogging. The boys are growing and changing every day! We are coming up on Parker's 3rd birthday in just 3 months!

Parker has developed a very big vocabulary and talks in full sentences. He does a great job communicating to you what he wants with all these words he knows now! He still loves to play outside...enjoys playing in the dirt, kicking the soccer ball, hitting the baseball, taking walks in the wagon, sliding...he's all boy! He can put his underware, pants and socks on. We are working on the rest but he usually persists on trying before we get to do it! Eating has gone in spurts. A couple days he will eat great and then he will slow down. He is still in 3T clothes mostly with a few items a 4T. 

Austin is talking more and more every day, saying 'cheese', 'thank you', 'choochoo'...and trying to copy such words as 1,2, 3, A, B, C...after each one. He understands a lot of the things we tell him, 'sit down', 'lets go bye bye', 'lets go outside'...he gets very excited when you tell him it's time to go play outside, standing at the back door so excited to go play. He loves to dig in the dirt with Parker, slide, play in the sand box (and eat it!), and ride in the truck around the backyard. He is a BIG eater. He eats most anything I feed him with some of his favorite foods being guacamole, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, cheese, yogurt melts, tortilla with melted cheese, sausage cheese muffins, pancakes and french toast. Not to mention most any other meal I make to accompany these things!! He definetly doesn't miss a meal. He is still wearing 18 mo clothes and size 4 diapers. I forgot to mention that he loves to make funny noises with his tongue and gives lots of kisses!!!

 Going to school...
 Getting a haircut at a fancy salon because all the chop shops seem to mess his beautiful hair up. We are growing it out so scissors were needed not buzzing it.
 Books came out so Austin could go in!! They love their books and will spend hours looking at them.
 Loves his chairs!!
 Love my boys!!
 Loves looking at his books.
 Bed time cup of milk and cartooons!! Our nightly routine.
 Hanging out in their chairs in their 'tent' I made them!
 My messy but good eater
 Helping with the dishes since he wouldn't go to bed one night!
 The sun is in Parker's eyes every morning on the way to school so he insists on his sunglasses just like mommy!!
 Fire truck visited school this week. Parker loved it....
 and so did Austin!!
 Bed time...
Playing in the dirt!!