Sunday, December 30, 2012

First Hair Cut

Austin got his first hair cut yesterday morning. As I was making the appointment last week, he was looking at me, touching his hair and pouting!! We went to Shea, the same girl I now take Parker too.It was a family affair as the first one always is. He did not want to sit in the chair by himself so he sat in my lap. He did really well considering. He got a little fussy at first but after a few minutes relaxed and let her do her thing. He still has some of his curl but it is finally not all in his face when he eats!! That's exciting because he almost needed a bath after every meal because it got all in his hair. He looks like a little boy so no one better call my sweet baby a girl again.

15 Month Check up

Our life would not be complete lately with out a weekly Dr visit!! This one just so happened was a planned visit for Austin. We saw Nancy this time and she confirmed everything we know...he is a growing healthy boy. She showed no concern with anything which is always a great feeling.

Here are his stats...

Height---> 32 in. (75%)

Weight---> 25 lbs 10 oz. (85%)

Head---> 48 cm (80%)

Christmas 2012

What a relaxing carefree Christmas it was this year. I felt no stress about the presents, the food, the guests. It is what it is and I know I did my best so I'm sorry if you didn't enjoy it. It was the attitude I had to take otherwise I know that it can consume you and make you miserable. The holidays aren't about those things anyways, they are about being with your family and Jesus' birth.


Christmas celebration number one started the Saturday before Christmas at my parents. We do what we always do and hang out enjoying each others company. The kids all loved their gifts and were very anxious to open everything right then!

The next day was Christmas Eve. We had Larry, Reba and Craig's family over for lunch and presents. It was great to see Craig as we don't see him often and I know he enjoyed the time with his dad and brother. We were so glad that Larry and Reba were able to stick around till Christmas Day. We all enjoyed a Beautiful Christmas Eve service that night at our church and then they stayed at my parents that night.

Christmas morning was here. I know Parker was over excited and very anxious to find out if Santa was going to brig him the trampoline he asked Santa for. Of course Austin was up bright and early but Parker wasn't of all mornings! He finally woke up about 7:30 and with much excitement walked into the living room and asked "Where's my trampoline?" Are you kidding me!! Look at all the gifts under the tree!! We told him that Santa left a letter on the tree but we would open that last. With much attitude he opened gifts. I was not happy with him one bit as he could care less about all the things I was so excited to get him. We finally read him the note from Santa which led him to the trampoline and a play house in the backyard for him and Austin. He was very excited. Unfortunelty he has only got to jump on it once since then because he hates cold weather and won't go outside because it's "too cold for him"!! The remaining day was spent having brunch at our house with my parents and Todd's, naps, watching the beautiful snow fall, games and chili. What a relaxing day and a fun time we had with my parents and sister that night playing games.

The forth and final Christmas was celebrated yesterday with my mom's side of the family at Kelly and CE's in Midlothian. Parker loved the cats they have! We had a great time eating the whole time and doing our annual gift exchange. No one ever agrees on how the game should be played or what kind of gift should be brought but it's all good fun!!

The boys are very spoiled after the the toys, clothes, books...they received. I have had to do a complete reorganization of both their rooms. I hope they enjoy all the neat new toys but most importantly I hope they grow up knowing that it's not all about the gifts but so much more.

Parker's First Christmas Program

Parker had his first Christmas program at school December 3rd! He was so excited for weeks about singing Little Drummer Boy. Every day we talked about his drum he got to play and we practiced singing and drumming in the car!! He was also excited about everyone coming to watch him...Mimi, Papi, Megan, Madeleine and Meadow. He did great. Stood on stage drumming, no crying, no stage freight!! He did see him self on the big screen so he was half turned around but he did real good! So proud of him.

First "Salon" Hair Cut

We have been growing Parker's hair back out for a while and it got so out of control and bushy, I had to finally find someone to cut it. It's always been a hard task because the chop shops always want to only use clippers. We went to a local salon and took a risk with Shea. She did great with Parker. He never fussed and sat like a big boy in the chair the whole time. What a huge accomplishment because it used to be a screaming fit the whole time. He just had his second cut from here and acted like an old pro!!

Tis the Season for Sickness...

Where do I even start! In the Past two months, it started with boy both having pink eye (Parker first), then Austin had bronchitis and Parker had an ear infection at the same time. Parker got well but only days after finishing antibiotic Austin had an ear infection. Days after finishing the antibiotic again, Austin really took a turn for the worse. He spiked a 103.4 fever on a Thursday afternoon and even with alternating tylenol and motrin it never dropped below 100 for 8 days. We had a visit to the on call Dr that weekend who tested him for strep, flu and RSV. They were very concerned so we were sent to the hospital where we spent 4 1/2 hours between waiting and getting blood work and x-rays. Blood work showed low WBC count so that's why they had us do x-rays. EVERYTHING came back negative. The consensus was he had the flu after yet another dr visit. What an exhausting week that was. Austin missed a lot of school. I am so thankful for my mom who was able to watch him so I could go to work. It was so good to finally conquer that illness because when his fever would be at it's highest (as high as 104.4 sometimes) he was very achy and miserable. Once Austin was feeling good again, Parker was back at the Dr with a high fever. His never got as high as Austin's and ended up being a sore throat virus. My Dr visits were not complete yet because only 3 days later, I returned to the Dr with Austin with another ear infection. I am exhausted to even think about all this sickness. They are both finishing up their antibiotics so hopefully they can stay well for a while.

Elf on a Shelf

This is the first year that we started the tradition of Elf On The Shelf. We knew Parker would actually comprehend that there was an elf and he was watching him!! He didn't want to name him at first but then all the sudden he named him Trophy and stuck with it. He always looked to see if Trophy was in the same spot as he was the day before then always said "Trophy fly home to the north pole". We would always remind him that he came back so then he would start looking for him! It was fun to play tricks on him daily. Here is a picture of most every spot he landed before flying back to the north pole Christmas Eve...
Parker was giving Trophy his milk cup the night before when sitting on the little house so we thought him drinking his own glass of milk would be pretty funny!

Parker broke my OU santa by throwing it. To show him that Trophy was watching we had Trophy hold the broken head. He thought it was hilarious.

Making a snow angel!!

The final night he was in the fridge with the milk jug...we told him he missed the North Pole!! I failed to get a picture of it and now he is put away for next year.

Sometimes when Parker would act out, he would tell us he didn't want Trophy to fly back to the North Pole because he knew Trophy reported back to Santa!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's The Holiday Season

The holidays are in full swing and we will be busy as ever...enjoying family and fun!!

Thanksgiving was a fun time for all. The Sunday before we celebrated with my family as we always do and it was great food and company. The weather was perfect which allowed the kids to run wild outside and that they did! Thanksgiving Day we traveled to Mt. Pleasant for Todd's family Thanksgiving to enjoy more eating and more good company. the weather was again warm enough for the kids to run wild!! Making a day trip of it really wore the boys out. They were fast asleep for the night at just 5:30 pm when we left there!!

Between all these festivities, Parker had a ear infection and Austin has had bronchitis followed by his first ear infection since getting his tubes. It is not pleasant with all the fluid draining from the ear constantly. I think they are both finally feeling better so hopefully we can stay well till the new year.

The holidays really do bring good cheer! I love the joy and excitement the boys (especially Parker) have about the tree, decorations, lights and festivities. He is finally at an age that it is all making sense. One new tradition we started this year is Elf on a Shelf. We first read the book then the next morning our elf was at our house from the North Pole. Parker didn't understand at first but I think he is finally catching on. He named the elf Trophy and every night Trophy fly's back to the north pole to report to Santa if Parker and Austin have been good or bad every night until Christmas Eve when he stays at the north pole and Santa makes his rounds.

We have already paid a visit to Santa so that Parker could tell him what he wanted for Christmas. He wants a trampoline!! He was so excited to see him that he was hunting him down and pushing people out of the way to get to him. Austin on the other hand was very hesitant and started screaming as soon as I put him in Santa's lap.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Eventful Saturday

I survived last Saturday...just barely! We had a busy day leaving the house at 8:30am and not getting home till 9:00pm. It all started with Medow's soccer game at 9am, Veterans Parade at 10:30am, home for a quick bite and to wrap a present and head to Jasmine's birthday Party at 1pm, grocery store (which was eventful with a missing wallet), home again to unload groceries, change clothes and back out the door to church by 5:30pm for a ladies Festival of Tables. It's exhausting to even think about that day again. The boys were worn out to saw the least!!


 Birthday Party...there was a bounce house, pinata and horse ride!! The boys had a blast!!

Finally a picture of my mom and Rene with their beautifully decorated table!!