Friday, January 18, 2013

I have two crazy boys that continue to keep me busy which has limited my blogging. I am going to do my best to update 2x a month now, maybe more if I can.

We are all well at the moment. The last wave of sickness happened last weekend. It was a violent stomach bug that tore through Parker, Austin then me. We will hope for good health moving forward this year. I have completely stripped down downs doing 12 loads of laundry in one day and lysoled my whole house and will continue to do so!! I have also attached hand sanitizer to every bag and backpack...use it!!

Besides sickness what are these boys up to?!?!

Parker is still continuing to test me on a daily basis. Some days are worse than others but he knows that if he doesn't make good choices there are consequences. I just love my strong willed child. He has started talking a sentences and asking a million questions! Yes...he asks what everything is and if you do anything he asks what you are doing. Very curious but a great opportunity to teach and keep that door open for learning. No question is a bad one even though after being asked the same thing does get old!!
  • He has been really big on planting his acorns he found this week so him and Todd dug and hole last night and planted them. He wants them to grow but doesn't quite understand it takes a long time for something to sprout.
  • We got him a twin size bed over the Christmas break. I chose to do the refinish myself which was a chore but turned out really cute. He loves his big boy bed and his new sheets. 
Austin is busy throwing tantrums now. What fun it is to be at our house among all this craziness! He likes to hit the wall and furniture screaming and yelling and even hit Parker if he is anywhere close by. I wonder where he learned this?!?
  • Austin is still a growing boy, eating most anything I put in front of him!! Sometimes I have to make him stop he eats so much.
  •  He plays well by himself which is such a blessing.
  • He is definitely a momma's boy and usually throws a fit for me but I really getting attached to his daddy finally
  • He really is a happy boy.

 Laying in bed with their sick momma

 Enjoying some outside time in the cold weather
 We got more snow last week!! The boys loved playing in it while I watched from the window!

 This is the bed prior to being refinished...
Post refinish...

 The final assembly of the bed just lacking the quilt!!