Saturday, March 22, 2014


Monday March 3, Megan and the girls came over for dinner and to say their good bye's. It was a joyous time. The kids got to play and be silly all night. Within all the laughter there were lots of tears. They are now far far away in Kentucky. We miss them dearly but cherish all the memories we have with them.

Parker is 4!!

Yes time does fly! Turning 4 was a big thing for Parker. Being 4 meant being a big boy in so many different ways... new car seat, no more sucking his thumb, trying to stay dry at night...All the sudden things clicked when he hit 4. He has a big boy mentality. At his 4 year check up March 10th, he got 2 shots which he screamed and kicked through. Once it was over he knows he doesn't have to have shots again till he is 11 or 12. That was a big deal and greatly talked about afterwards.

His stats at his appointment were:

Blood pressure: 108/67
Pulse: 106
Weight: 36.14 ---> 60%
40 1/2 in ---> 60%

He is average height and weight proportioned. He is right on track with everything he's doing. Dr. Davidson even mentioned the fight over food should lighten up and it magically has. Something about turning 4 has been very special.

I love this child and the love and magic he brings to our lives every day. He is definitely a light in our lives. Every day is a new adventure and very special.

With a rough start to our day Thursday, I asked him where his brain went and that he needed to use it. His response was, "It fell out on my knee!" You can't even get mad at that but walk away with a smile.

I am looking forward to what year 5 will bring!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sesame Street Live

Back in the summer I bought tickets for Sesame Street Live at Verizon Theater. After Yo Gabba Gabba being such a hit when Parker was almost 2, I figured this would be a hit also. They were unaware of where we were going until we arrived! It was so cute. We grab a light up toy before heading to our seats just in time for the show to begin. It was an hour and a half but with lots of snacks, we all survived!

Monday, March 3, 2014

The 4th Birthday Extravaganza!!

Every Birthday party I spends months, searching the internet and Pinterest for ideas related to the parties theme. this year Parker originally wanted a "yellow ducky" party. think that's a little babyish!! Crazy kid! So after much persuasion, we settled on a new theme...FISHING! It was a bit challenging to come up with ideas at first but in the end it was a total success! With there not being many places to rent in Weatherford to have a party, I was told by a friend that our church rents the gym and bounce house for a great price and let me just say it was worth every penny! the set up and clean up was done for me. Kids didn't track thru my house, there was no major house cleaning to be done after and room for the kids to run and play was great!

There never is enough time in one day to get everything done. I took the day off Friday to prepare for the party and still not everything got done but no one knew but me!! The party was a hit! We had a bounce house with a huge slide on it, bean bag toss, ring toss, fishing and fisherman hat decorating. (We only lacked the worm dig that was sitting in the corner that I didn't have enough energy to drag out!) The "Fishing Food" turned out great also. There were Rod N' Reels, Fishing Line, Fish N Chips, Sandwiches, Fresh Worms, Strawberries, Pizza and Lake Water. No original ideas but all so cute when put together!!

The highlight of my night was not only that Parker loved his whole party but that his buddy Rylan ran up to his mommy and said, "Mom, this is the best party EVER!!" I love that the kids had a blast and most didn't want to leave in the end.