Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Valentines

Valentines was fun this year! It wasn't about just Todd and I but our LOVE we have for our boys also. They both had parties at school filled with Valentines and cookies! After school we had dinner and ice cream with more people we love...Mimi, Papi, Madeleine and Meadow.

Big Boy Bed

Yesterday, Todd and I made a spontaneous decision to take the front of Austin's crib off so it is now a toddler bed. He was so excited saying "I can get out of my bed all by myself now!" They night started well with him going right to sleep but 10 minutes later he fell out of bed and again at 10:30p but then made it thru the rest of the night without falling out! He woke up at 6:30a, got out of bed all by himself, opened his door, closed his door and in to our room. There were no tears upon him waking up for someone to get him out of his bed. Just excitement!! So much easier. He woke up and went straight to the potty! We will use the toddler bed for a month before he gets his big big boy bed (a twin size bed like brothers!)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Snow Day!!

Thursday school was released at noon. The snow was coming down as big flakes. I just knew when we got home we would be able to make a snowman. I loaded up the boys (and an extra one too...Zane) and we headed home on the slippery roads to play in the snow! We were sadly disappointed. The snow was too dry to make a snowman but a little play in the snow was fun for the boys and cold too!! We were blessed with our 5th snow day on Friday and an extra long weekend! We didn't go play outside on day #2 but we did get to play play doh and paint! It was fun and exhausting to have 3 little boys at our house. The boys had a built in playmate which they loved!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Where have I been... much has happened since I blogged last! We are crazy busy as usual but there has been an added twist! Over Christmas Break, I decided to take a leap of faith and get me trainers certification. It is with P31 Fitness, the company I already was working out with. I moved through the certification really quick and about a week ago started teaching classes! Not only has God blessed me with the opportunity to teach and minister to the 5:15am class I was already attending but I am also adding a second class to my schedule on Mondays and Thursday at Couts. God is good. I am really excited about this opportunity and that Laurie Lee believes in me enough to be successful. I will not be giving up my day job but I will get to get paid for doing what I love!! I have a true passion about health and fitness. Not only does it relieve stress to workout but taking care of our bodies allows us to use it for many of God's purposes...serving others, having the energy to be a fun active mom with my boys. May this journey take me far physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Along with our busy schedule, we had 2 sweet guests for a week! Madeleine and Meadow came and stayed for a week while Aunt Megan was away in Kentucky (their future home) helping Josh get settled. I had two extra mouths to feed, kids to pick up after and to drop off and pick up from school. Did I mention cooking would be tricky because we were without a range for 2 1/2 weeks! I was definitely an adventure but I love the time we got with them. They are such sweet girls and were a huge help with the boys!

So as the business continues, I am stopping to take the time to blog and take a deep breathe!!
About to eat our Cauliflower crusted pizza!

Hanging out with Maddox for the day!

Painting toe nails with Madeleine and Meadow!

Fishing with Daddy!

Austin and his buddy Zane. Austin was so upset that Zane wanted to hung with two arms and Austin wanted to use just one!! Toddler drama!

Shaving cream play at school!

Austin and his girl friends at school