Saturday, July 23, 2011

Week One of Partial Bed Rest

Mimi, Macy and Parker the day I got home from the hospital! Mimi kept Parker while I was in the hospital and they bonded. He hated to see her and Macy go!

I survived the first week of partial bed rest. Although I am able to get up and do a few things, I am mostly on the couch, in bed or sitting down with my feet up. Todd's parents came in last Friday when I got out of the hospital. Larry only stayed the weekend but Reba was able to stay until yesterday. They were both a huge help and kept Parker entertained while I was able to work and get some rest. I am very thankful for all the help I am getting from family and friends. Upon their departure, my sister and the girls came and picked up Parker for the weekend giving Todd some much needed alone time at home!

Today, Todd and I had a date day. It started with massages which were absolutely wonderful and relaxing. We then had lunch, pedicures, did a little shopping for the baby and had a much needed nap! The day ended with dinner at Hottubs Backporch Gratto. We are now 'food drunk' on chicken fried steak!

We got Baby #2 a going home outfit while at Babies R Us. One for a boy and one for a girl both in preemie size. I know Parker was small enough for that size and if this baby comes early will need that size also. They are itty bitty!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Hospital Stay

I have been suffering from a cold the past week and at night cough so much I can't sleep. Tuesday night was really bad. I moved to the couch then eventually had to go to the bathroom. By now, Todd and I are both awake. We have a real scare as I am bleeding really bad. A quick phone call to the Dr, whom tells us to come into the hospital and then to my mom to come stay with Parker since it was now 1am. Once she was there, we were off to Arlington Memorial. Arriving around 2:30am, I was sent to labor and delivery, asked some questions, they put a fetal monitor on me and did a sonogram. The Dr said that I still had a partial previa but she wanted a second opinion from a specialist. I also got a shot of steroid which will help the baby if I have to deliver early and a second shot 24 hrs later. By the time I got to my room and settled it was about 4am and there was barely any sleep in my future. Everyone does there rounds around 7am, so you have to be ready to be poked and prodded every 5 secs. The specialist finally made it in after lunch and did a sonogram. He discovered that it is not a partial but a complete previa so he is 99% sure I will have a C-section. He said that when I get released that I will have several restrictions also. After talking to Lisa (my nurse when I had Parker), she said that every time I bleed I will have to return to the hospital to be monitored and that I can't lift P. She also said that my activity will be limited. The Dr will be by in the morning so we will see when she has to say. I am prepared to be sitting a lot and have also started making plans for Parker while I am home and mostly while Todd is at work.

There are some trying times ahead but I know it is in God's hands. I am at only 28 weeks so I hope I can make it about 8 more weeks to 36 weeks. This way the baby's lungs will be more developed. The baby only weighed in at 2lbs 14oz when the specialist did the sonogram so looks like this one will be a preemie.

I have received a lot of encouragement from family and friends. It has definitely lifted my spirits. My boss also suggested I read Philippians 4. I look forward to reading it as soon as I have my Bible. Beautiful flowers were delivered to my room today, sent by my wonderful hubs and Parker.

Todd and been so strong through all this...helping with Parker and filling all the gaps while I am gone. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband.

Prayers are needed at this time for the safety of the baby over the next couple weeks and until delivery.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

3D Sonogram at 27 weeks

Today, Todd, Parker and I went to see baby #2 in 3D. Parker did very well in the stroller during the sonogram. We also found out that the placenta is still partially covering my cervix. I will find out more at my 28 week appointment next week but the sono tech speculates there won't be any change and that I will have more sono's after that. The baby weighed approx. 2lbs 4oz. The heart beat was 153bpm. We still have not found out the sex of the baby but the sono tech did. We will just have to wait 3 more months (13 weeks) to find out! Todd and I both agree that baby #2 looks a whole lot like Parker. The lips and nose are very much the same!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th Weekend

What a great weekend filled with relaxation and food. It never fails...there is always good food and lots of it when our family gets together. We started off the weekend Saturday at Megan's celebrating Fathers Day since we were all sick on the actual father's day. Sunday Parker and I went on a journey to the park and the donut store. It was a very long walk for this mama. Parker had the luxury of riding along in the wagon! I definitely paid for it the rest of the day though. The girls came over to my parents that afternoon and we all swam as Parker took his 4 hour nap! At dusk, the girls did sparklers in the driveway. Monday was the most relaxing day. We did just about nothing. We got in the pool all three days and ate all day long it felt like. Monday night, Todd and I watched the fireworks on TV. This was a first for us since we always go somewhere to watch them but because of the burn ban and a cranky little boy we opted to spend the night at home in the comfort of our beds! Over all it was a great holiday weekend but never long enough. We always look forward to these 3 day weekends but the go by so fast. What a wonderful way to celebrate our country's freedom!

These are some pictures from the relaxing weekend...HONK HONK!!
This was the only way we could get him to stay in his pool...put both the water table and water hose in there also!!
Getting in the pool was only done on Parker's terms. He is not a big fan this year.

Parker got to get a dozen chocolate covered donuts with sprinkles after we walked all the way down to the donut store. He only ate about 4 but loved every bite!

Parker and his Entourage!