Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

This Christmas was not only a lot of fun for Parker because he kinda understands whats going on but it is also Austin's first Christmas! Christmas morning Austin slept till 9am so we got up and did Christmas with Parker first. Santa was really good to him this year and brought him a truck and gas pump. We also got him a shopping cart, pot and pans, Yo Gabba Gabba dance mat and paints. Parker was in love with his truck immediately and loves taking rides in it throughout the house. Christmas afternoon we went the my sister's for Christmas with my mom's side of the family. Madeleine and Meadow got a trampoline from Santa and Parker had a ball on it jumping with them! It was a magical Christmas especially seeing it through the eyes of Parker. I think he already loves this time of year with the twinkling lights and wonderful music.

3 months

While we were at the Dr for Austin's Sore throat virus we got a weight check on him and he weighed in at 13lbs 15oz!!! Yep he his a CHUNK! He is a growing boy! We have officially moved him from the bassinet in our room to his bed in his room for both naps and bed time, working on a nap schedule and are in the process of switching to formula.

Austin has always been a very gassy baby and if my diet ventured far from anything but cereal, it always gave him grief so for the sake of my sanity we are switching to formula. He is still on the acid reflux medicine but as long as it's given daily he is good.

Some of the things he likes to do is swing, play on his mat, hold his new sensory balls, and be held by his mama (of course). I bought the Moby Wrap carrier from Todd's

cousin to put Austin in so I have both hands free now to do other things and keep up with Parker. It has been real helpful at the grocery store, park and outside playing.

22 Months

Parker is 22 months which means he is only 2 months away from turning 2!! Seems like yesterday we were celebrating Birthday number 1 along with announcing that I was pregnant. He is in the process of getting over a double ear infections. This past Monday night after I put him to bed he screamed his head off. After going to get him and rocking him a bit he told me he had an owie in his ear so first thing the next morning Todd was off to the Dr with him. He is doing much better after being on some really strong antibiotics. I feel like I have lived at the Dr lately. If it's not one its the other!

He is still cracking us up with his funny expressions. He is really into any kind of moving vehicle now-trains, planes, cars, motorcycles...he will hear a loud one drive by and lean to the side with his hand to his ear to listen to it!

He also got a chance to really test his lawn mower out. Todd mowed the lawn the other day and Parker did the same right behind him with his mower. It was the sweetest thing to watch. He really enjoys being a big helper when Todd works in the yard. they also trimmed lots
of bushes and trees which prompted wheel borrow rides!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Sister Sister

Parker had another experience of having older siblings...this time my nieces, Madeleine and Meadow! Megan and Josh left of vacation for a week leaving me with their 2 rug rats! 6 days of nonstop fun, work and exhaustion! I am not sure I could have 4 kids, work and keep my sanity. We had fun but were happy to be home. We had our normal routine of school for Parker plus the girls school, piano, and dance. Not to mention we had to run to Arlington one day to take Austin to the Dr. We found out he had a virus causing a sore throat which Parker had also had several weeks prior. Nancy said his throat was sooo swollen. Poor baby.

Megan left me her camera for Madeleine's Dance recital which we totally conquered with 4 kids! I also had fun with it an took tons of pictures of Austin while Parker was asleep one day. He was too cute...I will definitely be getting one of these cameras soon!

Christmas Lights and Santa

Wow! I know I am way behind once again so I have grabbed my wine and am doing some catching up...

December 9th, We took the boys to Prairie Lights in Grand Prairie. We drove through looking at all the lights and when we got to the back we were surprised to find a tint, 2 rides and more lights. We were very excited to find out Santa was there. We bundled up the kids and in we went. Santa was first on the list before the line got long. I wasn't sure how Parker would do....he screamed!!! So now we have a Santa picture with me, Santa and the boys! He always talks about Santa now and points him out where ever we go! We also rode the two rides which Parker did not want to get off of...the kid is so afraid we are going to rain on his parade!! I loved the f
eeling when Parker got so excited about the lights..."woooow"!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Boys

I love spending time with Parker and Austin and I get lots of it now days since I work from home. I am very grateful for this opportunity to have the best of both worlds although it can be stressful and trying at times. As you may have noticed, I am way behind on my blogs and playing catch up.

Parker is a growing boy but has become a bit of a difficult child. It must be the age. He is very set in what he wants, likes, doesn't want and doesn't like. He seems very fussy at times because he is either wanting attention or doesn't get what he wants. I know it is a stage and hopefully he will out grow it soon because it's driving this mama crazy! He still loves his brother. He makes sure and gives his kisses good night weather it be for nap or bed time!

Some of Parker's new words include spaghetti, Megan, Madeleine...he is attempting most words and making sounds of animals. Specifically using his arm as a trunk and making a sound like an elephant! He has also wanted to be a big helper all the time and very independent. He wants to turn things off and on (switches, dishwasher, washing machine), he is good at putting away and picking up his toys when asked and he has helped me cook spaghetti and brownies in the past week. I ask him if he wants to help me and he pulls up a chair and assists in the stirring. He gets so excited about it. I have loved sharing these moments with him and it has worked great because Austin has been asleep during this and he has gotten my full attention. Last night after we made brownies, we curled up on the couch to eat them and watch the end of Polar Express!!

So I finally though Austin was out growing the colic until last night. He had a rough time between 7:45 and 9:30...poor baby cried and cried forever. I'll take the one day out of 7 though. He was been holding up his head really well, recognizing faces, noticing his hands and sleeping really well. He pays a lot of attention when Parker is around watching his every move!

I love these boys to death and wouldn't change a thing. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful family.

Yo Gabba Gabba

Todd and I planned a fun day for Him and Parker about a month ago. We bought tickets for them to go see Yo Gabba Gabba live in Grand Prairie. We have been talking about it and telling him about it since. We even have been watching the Live show from LA on TV so he would get excited. Well it doesn't take much for him to get excited about Gabba! He loves this show. December 3rd was finally the big day to go see Gabba. Our goal was for him to get a good nap before going and he got about half a nap but some nap is better than no nap! Todd said Parker was in awe the whole show! After the show they got to go back stage and meet the members or Gabba. He got down and ran from Todd to get to Muno!

When I got home that evening, I could just see the glow and excitement in his face as he told me all about it...pointing to his new Gabba shirt and showing me his Gabba light up stick! What an exciting memory for Parker and Todd!

2 month check-up

Austin went for his 2 month check up November 22nd. He is a healthy growing boy. He got 3 shots and an oral vaccine. He screamed his head off and turned bright red much like Parker did at that age with his shots. His stats were as follows:

Weight: 12.6 lbs ---> 75%
Height: 23.24 in ---> 60%
Head: 38.2 cm ---> 15%

His next check-up will be at 4 months.

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a great Thanksgiving with both sides of the family this year. The Sunday before the big day we went to my parents and celebrated with lots of food and family. Parker played really hard with the girls. Then on that Thursday we drove to Mt Pleasant and back for Thanksgiving with Todd's family. Parker had a blast playing outside with all the kids. They played with 'daball'! We then celebrated Christmas that night with his parents. Parker got a lawn mower which he loves. He was pushing it everywhere in the house. Austin had a rough time that evening with a tummy ache. I was not careful with what I ate making my poor baby hurt :o(

Both Thanksgivings were wonderful and great time spent with family. We look forward to this time of the year!

Zoo Mania

The weekend before Thanksgiving Todd and I planned a family day and took the kids to the Zoo. Parker had been there a year ago so it was time we went again! It was a lot of fun! We packed a sack lunch and ate it when we go there and then began our adventure! We were there a total of 4 hours. Austin slept most of the time and Parker passed out toward the end of the journey! He loved seeing all the animals especially the tigers, elephants and fish! We are looking forward to going back in the spring and many more times with our Zoo passes! Snoozing as usual!
Parker got to feed the birds with a stick!

Loves the Elephants!

My beautiful blue eyed boy!

The 'Ish'!