Sunday, June 30, 2013

Little Swimmers

I love taking pictures of my boys especially in action doing things the love!! Here are some pictures from all the swimming we have done lately...

Cleaning to pool for Papi!

Our beautiful view tonight of the patriotic sky!!

...with all the swimming Parker's has managed to get swimmers ear which was so painful for him and Austin had some sort of crazy virus for a couple days but we are still managing to enjoy our summer!!


Parker attended a local VBS at Oakridge Church of Christ every Tuesday and Thursday from 9a to 2:30p for the month of June ending in the children singing their songs in front of the church today. What a wonderful ministry to kids!! They focused on Joseph..singing songs, learning verses and making crafts all centered around him. Parker always came home with new knowledge of the Bible and teaching us what he had learned.

Ranger's Game

Austin went to his first Ranger's game Friday! It has been a long time since we had taken Parker to a game because its too much sitting in one place for too long. After the Cats game a couple weeks ago, I really didn't think they were ready to attended a Ranger's game. Thursday, Todd got a last minute phone call from his boss to go to the game and bring the family. Are you sure we need to take these two crazy boys?!?! I packed heavy and was prepared for the worst. Upon arrival, I was relived to find out we were not in seats but in a pit area with tall table and chairs slightly secluded from other fans! It was perfect for moving around without bothering too many other people. We had free food and drinks but also enjoyed sno cones! The boys made it all 9 innings and we moved to the outside of the ballpark for the fireworks. Needless to say we were all exhausted since we didn't get into bed till almost mid night!

Parker showing me that he got all the flavors on his sno cone!

LOVE this picture!!

The Things Your Children Say...

Parker has been saying the most random funny things lately. I had to document some of them!!

  • So the other day we were driving down 30 and parker pointed and said Jesus. We never knew what he was talking about till now! As we are passing the same spot on 30, he says Jesus and points. We quickly look to see a cave man on a We Buy Ugly Houses sign!!
  •  We are driving down Fort Worth Hwy and he sees decorative lighting that resembles Christmas lights and says "They need to take those lights down. It's not Christmas!"
  • I ask him what state we live in and his prompt response is "Utah". How in the world would he have ever heard of the state Utah!
  • As we are eating dinner the boys are fighting about something outside so I go see what the issue is. I see that Austin wants a toy and Parker is shoving as many toys as he can in the Little Tikes truck bed. I ask Parker what he is doing and he responds with "I am packing Austin up to go to college" and then tells Austin "Don't you want to take that football to college?"
Sometimes I wonder what is going thru his head!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Today we celebrate the Father's we have, the Father's of our children and all the other wonderful Father's in this world. I am blessed with several great Father's in my life. One that raised me and loved me no matter what, one that is the father of my children and my husbands father. What great men they are!! We are so blessed to have Todd. He works so hard to provide for me and the boys and is an awesome father and role model. God had a great plan for him when he brought him into my life.

Today, the boys and I give you the gift of memories. These pictures are framed and will hang on the wall for years to come to constantly remind you what a great man and father you are. We love you Todd!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

What a great day it was today. It started out very low key this morning since the boys were so tired and wanted to be lazy and ended with Father's Day celebrations at my sisters. We swam, ate and enjoyed our dads!!

Action Shot!

My Little Fish!


Happy Father's Day!!

The Dad and Me


Parker Swim Lessons

Parker had his first set of swim lessons this summer with the City of Weatherford at Cherry Park. Although I did not think it was the best program, Parker has warmed up to the water tremendously and is jumping off the diving board and going down the slide now. He insisted on not wearing floaties this year so we are passing them on to Austin!!