Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A New Era...

I feel like I have reached a new era in my pregnancy. My body temperature has sky rocketed and my energy is back. At night I sweat my butt off while Todd is freezing...if you know me at all, you would know that I am ALWAYS cold! I even love this cold weather! I am trying to adjust but it's hard..I love to be wrapped up in blankets!

I am full of energy now too! I have started working out again and it feels great! I'm sure all this energy will be put to good use when I start "nesting".

Well, I am now 30 weeks and it is getting here fast. Only 68 more days...and counting! I think I will miss the feeling the baby kick in my tummy though. It's such a special feeling that you can't explain and will never know until you are pregnant. It's comforting when the baby kicks..It seems to make everything ok!

Here is a picture of me and my big ol belly...enjoy!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Are you listening baby???

Our neighbor Ravi gave us our first book to read to the baby. It's Dr. Suess's Oh, Baby, the Places You'll GO!. I kept wondering if the baby was listening! I'm sure he/she will always listen to his/her mother and father. We ALWAYS know best! We also got a couple baby books for Christmas from Todd's parents that we are going to read tonight.

So, the baby continues to be stubborn. Tonight we tried to listen to the heartbeat. After trying to find it around all the kicking the baby was doing, we finally found it. I was in the process of starting to record it and I lost it..I finally gave up because I couldn't find it again...just lots of kicks and punches from the baby. I sure hope this doesn't mean Baby Dehls isn't going to be stubborn when he/she comes out!

The baby has been a real pain in my back lately. I have almost recoded from my leg injury and now my back great boss at work got me a prenatal massage for my Birthday/Early Christmas! Thanks Chrissa! I will enjoy EVERY minute of it!

HoHoHo! Baby Dehls is going to have to wait till next year to enjoy Christmas. I have decided that that is ok..The baby will be at a really fun age for next year's Christmas and we will be able to get all sorts of fun new toys! Only 6 more days...I hope everyone has a Blessed Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Stubborn Little One!

I went for my 3D today and it was really neat! My parents and Todd's parents also joined us and we made it a very special event for everyone! I didn't think Baby Dehls was going to cooperate but we got some good shots after all! I drank OJ before going and that didn't do much. The baby likes to keep it's face covered with it's hands.

This was one of my favorite pictures! The baby was sticking it's tongue out at us! It did this several was so cute.

This wasn't the best one we got of the little one's face but we got a glimpse into it's eye!

Here's a good one of those sweet little feet!

Wow! Look at those long fingers! We have decided that the baby has my fingers!

The pictures are so real! It's amazing that you can see so much...Now we only have to wait 81 more days for our little angel to arrive!

My mother-in-law gave my a neat little gift today. It is a Willow Tree Figurine..I have put it out in my living room to enjoy! It is called "Cherish". It's a pregnant woman... "ME"!

Only 14 days till Christmas, which means more family gatherings. I hope my sweet baby grows to love and appreciate family as much as I do. They are all such special people to me!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday Fun!

This weekend was my 24th Birthday! Although I spend a lot of time with my new friend "the heating pad", it was a Great Weekend! (I pulled my groin. That is why the heating pad is my friend..not fun at all.) My niece had a dance recital Saturday and she was too cute! She really liked being center of attention!

We also went to Christmas on The Square in was so so COLD. We didn't last long. We were quick to get back to my parents and eat dinner and my Birthday Dessert (Bread Pudding!!!). My mom's birthday is on the 8th so we went and had Brunch at Blue Mesa today to celebrate both Birthdays!! This was followed by going to Babies R Us and Target to create our baby registry! Oh so much work....It took us 3 hours. I sure am glad that Starbucks accompanied us on this adventure because it was so cold and drizzly. Babies need so much! Those were only 2 of the 4 places I registered. The other two are online only.

The baby will be here soon! I will start my 3rd Trimester Tuesday when I am 28 weeks. It is amazing how time flies. I sure hope this week flies because we get another peak at the baby Friday! Can't wait to share the pictures with you!

I hope everyone has a Blessed Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas!