Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Laughing Out Loud

Big Boy doing Big Things

Parker conquered two big hurdles in one weekend. The weekend of March 31st, Parker insisted on sleeping on his nap mat so rather than fighting about it I let him do it and let him know that if he got up that he was going into his crib. What do you know...he was fast asleep and didn't wake up all night long. The following night I took the front off his crib giving him a big boy bed. He has slept there or on his nap mat since. We haven't even had a problem at nap time. He sleeps and doesn't yet up and play. He is so proud of his 'big boy' bed!

Playing cars in his bed!!

We also went and bought him a potty just his size that weekend. I have been dreading the thought of even potty training because all my attempts in the past have been failures! He has done awesome and once again proved me wrong! He is an old pro already! He goes diaper and pant less at home and does his business when he needs to then goes about what he was doing. He does think he gets candy every time but now we only reward when he has gone numerous times in the potty. Next will be potty training away from the house. I plan on conquering that as soon as school is out and we are home more. He has made it accident free on two occasions away from the house from 30 min or more. Those were just small tests. Look mom I did it!!!

He is growing up way too fast although I do love to see him grow and thrive. He makes me a proud mama! Love him!!