Saturday, August 28, 2010

Half way to the First Year!

Parker is officially 6 months old and that much closer to his first birthday. He went to the Doctor yesterday and blew Nancy the PA away! She couldn't believe he was sitting up by himself and so good at that. She doesn't want him using a no spill sippy cup but no worries there because we aren't. She said that the no spill sippy cups tend to cause speech problems in the future. I have been letting him drink from a Big Boy cup and I also got him Soothie Sippy Cups and he loves both. His appointment went very well until his shots. He knew that he was getting shots before he even got them. He was screaming, but shortly after he stuck his thumb in his month and held on to me for dear life!

His stats from his appointment:

Weight: 17 lbs 5.5 oz -----> 50%
Head: 44cm ----------> 55%
Length: 26 1/4in -------> 50%

This past Wednesday, Parker's tooth finally poked through the gums. That little tooth has been a big pain for Parker. It has made him feel horrible and the shots he got didn't help the situation. Yeah for his first tooth though!!!

Parker got to spend all day Friday with his Nana and I'm pretty sure he loved it! I had to work and Todd and his dad were working on the fence. He got lots of attention!

We got his 6 month pictures done today at JcPenny. He did very well despite being a tired little man.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Welp...I officially saw a pearly white peering through the gums today. It is slowly moving in but not noticeable enough for a picture. I did catch this really cute picture the other day though.
We got Parker the neatest seat for the bath tub finally! I had seen it on someone else's blog several weeks ago and was on a mission to find one and when I did I put off ordering it. A couple days later at a Garage Sale (that was spontaneous) I found one for only $4!! You would have thought I had won the lottery. I was so excited about it and that it was so cheap. It looks brand new too!!! It has been really helpful in the bath and I feel much better about Parker sitting up now with some protection. Here is a picture as he debuted his chair.Parker had his 2nd play date with his friend Chloe last week. They had a lot of fun and Parker even minded his manners.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tooth or No Tooth...that's the question?!?

Well, Parker may have his first tooth sometime soon. I have finally felt a hard bump on his gums in the front. It definitely feels as if a tooth is trying to come through. He was also acting like a crazy little boy today...waking up earlier than normal then fighting sleep ALL day. He finally went to bed at 9:30pm. Updates and pictures hopefully will come soon as the tooth appears!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bed Time Games

Parker started sleeping through the night on his own a week ago! It has been a wonderful thing but I feel more tired now that I am getting more sleep than I did when I fed him once or twice a night. He has also started to play a little game when you put him down to sleep. He will roll over on his back and either play or start screaming till you come to his room. You will then roll him back over onto his tummy and he will do it again. He thinks he's funny! It is pretty cute!

Haha! I'm not going to sleep!This is how he usually ends up...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Parker officially laughed out loud July 28th. He has been a busy talker lately also. Here is a cute video of him right after his bath...

Parker has been sitting by himself more and more lately. He actually prefers to be sitting while playing with his toys and taking a bath!
Hi my name is stubborn and I won't go to sleep...I throw my body from my tummy to my back and scream! Yep that's my boy...developing a little personality!

Not much more has been going on in Parker's world except being a busy boy!

Parker was in his first little photo shoot Saturday! It was for Baby Chic Little Boutique....Here's our little model!