Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Bloody Nose

Todd and I picked up Parker from school Wednesday. When we arrived the teacher quickly explained that Parker decided to walk down the slide rather than sit on his bottom and fell face first into the carpet. Although the slide is not very tall, it left an awful mark on his little nose. here is a picture of my sweet boy when we picked him up....Day number had scabbed over and was hurting him pretty bad. He can't catch a break lately. The ear infection is back and he either had a cold in his eye or pink eye and now the nose issue. Geez!

Pain in the Belly

About a week ago I started having a lot of pain in my lower stomach and It still has not gone away. I went to the Dr Monday to get checked out. The Dr. suspected preterm labor, but thankfully the test came back negative. She has given me pain pills that seem to take the edge off but knock me out at the same time. The pain is now in my back and making me more and more uncomfortable. We are thinking that because the baby is sitting so low that my muscles are stretching. Well whatever it is, it is a horrible feeling. I am getting to the point that picking up Parker is very hard but I do it rather than listening to him scream and yell. I am 26 weeks today, so only 14 weeks (3 1/2 mo) to go. I'm sure it will be here before we know it but it will seem like forever if this pain continues.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Out with the highchair... with the booster seat!

We have finally made the transition out of the highchair and into a booster chair that straps onto a chair at the dinning table. Parker has been insisting that he sit at the table lately so I knew it was time. We used it for the first time at dinner tonight and it was a huge success. Not to mention we had spaghetti to break it in also which was also a huge hit.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Parkers 1st Week of School and Family Sickness

Monday was Parker's first day of school at McKinney Memorial Bible Church's ELC here in Fort Worth. I was very anxious and nervous that morning before taking him. Not only did I have to get myself ready but him too and out the door. It went very well and we even arrived early. He was clueless as to what was going on and very anxious when we got there. Once i got him signed in and pointed in the right direction off we went to his class. I chose to let him walk and hold his hand rather than carry him to see if the transition would go OK but once we got to the door he grabbed my legs and began screaming. I knew I couldn't linger or it would make things worse so off I went down the hall feeling like a guilty mother who had just left their child with a screaming stranger. I called and checked on him about 11:30 and he was doing fine. They had just left the indoor playground and were headed back to the class for lunch and nap. I was very anxious to pick him up that afternoon. He was very excited to see me which is the BEST feeling in the world! When we got home, I discovered a piece of paper in his bag which had a brief summary of what they did that day. It stated that they played music with bells and pianos; that he had 2 wet diapers; slept some (1 hr); and ate some. I was very surprised to find out he slept on his nap mat for a full hour! I was so proud of him that I took him to OTB to have some Ice Cream! What a Big Boy!

On day two, Todd has to take and pick up since I was at work. We were a little concerned because he had a low grade fever when he woke but he didn't seem to be feeling bad so we sent him anyways. The drop off went about the same with a lot of screaming and at pick up he was excited to see Todd. His paper stated that they went outside and looked at leaves, he had 2 wet diapers, he ate some and slept some (1 hr). I beat Todd and Parker home but was so excited to see my little muchkin! He was burning up when I got him :o( Running a fever of 101.5 but showing no other signs of sickness. As the evening progressed after calling the Dr about 3pm, I was back on the phone with them at 5pm scheduling a Dr Appt for the next morning. He was becoming excessively fussy and I knew something must be wrong. After a him going down in his own bed about 6:30pm he woke up about 10:45pm and that is where he slept the rest of the mama's arms. Poor baby woke up at 1am with a 102 fever and just wasn't feeling well.

The next morning I took Parker to the Dr where we found out he had a middle ear infection in his left ear. Thank goodness he wasn't contagious (so we thought). My sister came over that afternoon to keep him while I rushed off to a work event. She said he was so tired at 6pm that he was laying in the floor trying to go to sleep so she put him down to sleep. Once again he woke up in the night with a fever so I slept in the upstairs bed with him. Oh it was such a rough night. He did not sleep good and neither did Todd. Todd woke up feeling very nauseated in the night. The next day, Parker and I hung out together and then went down for a 3hr nap at 10am. Upon us waking up, I felt very nauseated my self. Got a phone call shortly after waking up from Todd saying he's coming home from work because he's sick...much to our surprise the next 48 hours at our house was no fun at all. We all had an ugly virus and Parker had an ear infection on top of that. I have never watched so much TV in my life I don't think. There came a point when both Parker and I were no longer able to eat or drink and I was so weak I could barely walk. Thank goodness the doctors nausea meds worked or I would have been in the ER. We all laid around all day Saturday.

This virus was sister, Madeleine and Leslie (co-worker) all got it also. Thank goodness it's over for now at least!

Despite all the sickness, I think Parker did well at school. We shall see home tomorrow goes when Todd drops him off.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

24 Week Appt for Baby #2

Although I won't be 24 weeks until Thursday, I had my Dr appt today. It was just another normal check-up...pee in a cup, weigh-in, check blood pressure, listen for the baby's heart beat and ask any questions. The baby's heart beat was 152bpm. I will go back at 28 weeks (July 13th) for my glucose test and another sonogram. Prayers are welcome that the placenta has moved up.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Parker's 1st Vacation

Wednesday, June 2nd Parker, Todd and I got all packed up in my car and headed to Galveston around 9:15pm. Parker was fast asleep for our 5 hour trip. It was a rough time for Parker after we arrived. He wouldn't go back to sleep because we were in new surroundings and was scared. Finally around 5am he fell asleep sitting up on the couch and away he went to his bed.

Day 1: Woke up late after going to bed at 5am! We choose to go into Freeport rather than Galveston to find lunch and the grocery store. Big mistake! there is nothing in Freeport and it is forever away. We finally found food and a grocery store after driving an hour. After getting back to our house we headed down to the beach since my parents had not arrived yet. Parker was unsure of what to think about the beach and water but quickly warmed up and was playing like a mad man. Running in and out of the water, splashing and playing. It was finally nap time and we all crashed in anticipation for my parents arrival and the Maverick game that night! Days 2-4: Consisted of time on the beach playing, naps, good food, watching the Mavericks and playing cards. Very relaxing and fun days! Saturday June 4th was my parents Anniversary so we went and ate dinner at Gaido's in Galveston. It was very good but Parker got very antsy as he always does when we go out to eat these days. Day 5: Was a very hot and humid day with no wind. We went down to The Strand, ate lunch and went to a few stores. We took this day off from the beach.
Day 6 and 7: More beach, naps and food! Not to mention a trip to CVS to pick up my prescription the Dr called in because I am pretty sure I had strep throat. We also ate dinner at The Spot which turned out to be really good!

Day 8: Our vacation was over and we were heading home. So sad to go home but ready for my our house, bed, etc... The ride home wasn't as peaceful as the ride there but thanks to my sisters portable DVD player on the head rest with Yo Gabba Gabba in it, Parker survived the trip and didn't fuss too much.
It was such a wonderful trip. There are many memorable moments from the trip Todd and I got to share with Parker. He is such a bundle of fun. He may have gotten tired of the beach by the end of the trip but he had so much fun playing in the water, picking up seashells, pointing and chasing birds ("s" as he would say), looking for fish ("sh sh" as he would say), destroying sand castles, building sand castles and digging holes in the sand with daddy. He had no fear and would run straight out into the water but thankfully stop about the time it got up to his knees.

Parker also started saying a few words on the trip...bath, night night, "c c"= Macy, and "s s"= Moose. He loved playing with my parents dog Macy although I don't think she liked it too much! We look forward to going back next year with both babies!!