Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Big 2 Year Old

I took Austin to the Dr Tuesday for his 2 year check up. We were only confirmed of what we already know...we have a BIG boy!!

His stats were:

Weight: 31.4 lbs ---> 90%

Height: 36 1/4 in. ---> 90%

Head: 49 cm --->70%

He is talking like crazy in sentences. Clearly tells you what he does and does not want, throws full out tantrums, has become even more attached to his paci and "dog dog", not too picky of an eater, usually follows in what Parker does or doesn't, still loves his momma and wants me to hold him all the time, loves Elmo, Big Bird and Grover, has moved past single pieces puzzles and is working 24 piece jigsaw puzzles, loves playing with cars and blocks...Just an in site into the things he is doing and into right now.

He wears a size 3t to 4t in clothes and size 7.5-8 shoe. I no longer have a bin of clothes that Parker outgrows and Austin can't wear yet. They go from one closet to the next!!

Although about a month ago we were potty trained, since his Birthday he has regressed. Taking the time to go to the bathroom just takes too much time...Geez MOM!! The joys of having a 2 year old are back!!

The First Game Update

We have now had three games and today's was cancelled due to the wonderful amount of rain we received. But to backtrack a bit, Parker plays really hard when he is in the game. In his first game he scored 2 points. Being the very excitable child that he already is, the moment the whistle blows he is off and running and kicking. There is lack of control but he doesn't care. He wants the ball no matter who has it (even if it is his team!) What matters most is that he is having a blast and cant wait till his next practice or game each week. He was very disappointed there was no game and still doesn't quite understand why he can't go to his game now that it is not raining any more.

Happy Birthday Austin!!

Wow! Where does the time go?!? Austin turned two last Sunday. The celebrations started Friday and finally ended Sunday night. Friday night we had his party at Celebrations Indoor Adventure in Fort Worth with many family and friends, Saturday we gave him his gifts from the three of us and Larry and Reba came in town for Parker's soccer game which we again celebrated Austin's birthday with more gifts and finally Sunday we went to dinner with my family to celebrate Austin, Papi and Madeleine's birthday!! What a special day these three get to share together forever!

My present from Mommy, Daddy and Bubba...tons of blocks, a dump truck and wagon!!

Birthday Morning!!

Ready to go to church in his new outfit

Birthday Celebrations at Rio Mambo

Picture while singing Happy Birthday right before Austin leans into the candle rather than blowing it out! This resulted in an hour of crying with his screaming "It burned me"

Friday, September 6, 2013


Not only did school start last Wednesday but soccer practice did too. Parker has been hyped up about it since we bought his cleats and shin guards a few weeks ago. He did great at his first practice and wanted to go back the next day! His first game is tomorrow at 8:30am. We look forward to watching the 'heard' of 3 year olds kick the ball around the field!!

Back To School

We are back into the swing of things...I think! Here we are a week later and still adjusting to our new schedule. It is a new school for Austin and me but not Parker. We are all full time (5 days a week) at Couts Christian Academy in Weatherford. It has been a change that we are all still adjusting to in so many different ways.

Day 1 started off with all smiles!! Everyone was happy and excited about school!!

Parker and his teacher Ms. Karen

Past out after school. Austin was too but he was in his bed!
 End of the second week didn't end with all smiles, more like a lot of tears! I had one overly tired child who is full of tantrums and saying "no" all the time. (Much like a child in his class does) I sure hope my sweet Austin shows up some time soon.

A sweet treat as we recover from a long day!

Exhausted boys relaxing before bed!
 Parker has adjust best to school and really likes his teacher and seeing all his friends from last year. Austin is adjusting to the fact that I am his teacher and his mommy all day at school every day. I think some of the tantrums stem from his emotions and dealing with the adjustments. I sure miss my sweet boy. The phase of "Mommy hold Me" seemed to pass too quickly even though it drove me crazy sometimes. Hopefully with good naps this weekend we will start the week off better next week than we ended this week. I understand all the emotions that Austin is dealing with but in a different way. I really miss all my friends at ELC and ELC itself but have met several new friends and am growing to love Couts also. When you are so used to seeing and doing things one way, it is sometimes hard to see that they work other ways also. I look forward to our first full week next week and more exciting adventures with my 2 year olds!!