Thursday, August 16, 2012

The P Man

He has kept us busy and on our toes all summer...being the strong willed child that he is but also a loving and caring child. He will always stick to his guns no matter what...for example, at the grocery store the other day he insisted on standing up in the car even though I asked him over and over not to. While browsing through the store, he lost his balance and fell head first to the hard floor. He screamed and cried for a good 5 minutes drawing lots of attention. After calming him down and putting him back in the cart sitting he again insisted on standing up. Nope, wouldn't let it happen. So a tantrum he threw, right in the middle of Brookshire's as I walked off not caring one bit. What a kid will do o get a little attention!

When Parker is not busy testing his will, he loves to look at books and be read to, count, watch his favorite shows (Umi Zoomi, Dora, Doodle Bops, Bubble Guppies), swim and play outside at Mimi's or the park. He is a very busy boy!!

Some of his favorite foods are cookies, candy, donuts, spaghetti, tacos, sandwiches, chips and dip and fruit. He's not much of a veggie eater but that may be our fault, we aren't either.

The New Home

Yeah for finally finding a house!! We are so excited about this beautiful 3 bedroom home we found. It felt like home when we looked at it. We are only in the option period now but are set to close September 14th if all goes as planned!!

My Little Man

What a rough road Austin has had. After all the pain he has suffered with ear infections, we went to the Dr Tuesday to find out he has strep throat and has had it for a week now. My sweet boy has been excessively fussy and now we know why. I hope he is finally on the mend now that the tubes are in place and look good and he is on antibiotics.

He is busy babbling and making noises in a very deep voice! He says "mamamam", "bababa", "dadada" and "vavava". He walks pretty much without falling. He is slowly transitioning off baby food and wanting to eat whatever we are eating. Tonight he had apricots, bow tie pasta, spaghetti and a bite of pork chop. He loves his food. It would be nice to completely get him off baby food and formula by a year.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ear Update

Wednesday afternoon, I took Austin to the Dr to find out he had a double ear infection. That would be infection number 7. I am so glad we had already scheduled him to have tubes because this definitely confirmed that he needed them. Thursday morning, we woke up at 5am to get to the hospital for his surgery. After paper work, prep, and just hanging out he was finally taken to surgery at 9:23am. I was a bit nervous but also ready for him to get some relief. Not a lot goes through your mind in the very short period he's gone. Only 20 minutes later he was in recovery! He was a bit confused and very hungry coming off the anesthesia. He bit me 3 times..face, shoulder and arm. He was so hungry, he sucked down a 4 oz bottle then a 6 oz bottle! After recovery we were released to go home. He was exhausted. Since then he has experienced some irritation from the surgery but it should pass. I hope this is the cure to all his painful infections over the past 6 months.


Buying and selling a house should always be a joyous event butso far it has been emotionally draining more than anything. We began the packing process about a month ago and spent last weekend putting the final touches on everything. Come 8am Monday morning when the movers arrived, everything was ready for them to pick up and move. Everything in boxes and all furniture wrapped in bubble wrap. My mom took the kids and Todd was at work all day. The movers loaded and loaded till their trailer was popping at the seems. Who know we had so much stuff but there was so much still not in there being moved. It took them a total of 5 1/2 hrs to load, drive to the storage unit in Weatherford and unload. My job was not done at that time. I still had stuff to take to the Carriage house and stuff to take to my parents. When Todd got off we continued to move more stuff. It took us 3 more truck fulls to get everything to storage. Then we were finally headed to the carriage house at 11pm, to set up and clean up the place to live. It was 2am before we finally laid down. We were EXHAUSTED!!

Moving with children is an adventure. They were totally confused and out of their element for a good 3 days. No one was happy. We were all lacking in sleep and still trying to figure out a good routine. On day 4, I finally felt like we were all good. Everyone slept good, the boys napped good and most importantly everyone was happy. Although our living conditions aren't ideal, we are making due in our 1 bedroom carriage apartment. We are very grateful Mike and Marilyn were so gracious to let us stay here until we find a new home. I am going to look at 2 homes tomorrow!!

I know Parker is ready for a 'real' home. He has asked me on several occasions "When is it time to go home?"...heartbreaking.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Ears and Teeth...oh my!

After 6 ear infections, we finally made the decision to go see an ENT. Today was the day of the appointment. They did a full hearing assessment on his ears and only found some mild hearing loss in one hear to very soft tones caused by the prior infections. We aren't going to waste any time, we have already scheduled the surgery for next Thursday the 9th at noon. Hopefully this will help keep him from having any more infections and keep him from any more damage.

With Austin's history of ear infections, I just knew he had another infection this past Monday. He was extremely fussy, threw up and was pulling at his ears. Surprisingly I was wrong, after a visit to Dr D, we found out he is cutting his 1 year molars. Wow! So early. He is Miserable. I have to give him Advil every 3-4 hrs to ease the pain otherwise he is constantly crying and wont drink his milk...poor baby. Hopefully the pain will pass soon.