Tuesday, May 31, 2011

15 Month Check-up

My little boy is growing so fast. We went for his 15 month check-up today. He weighed 22lbs 12oz (25%), was 31 in long (50%) and his head was 41cm around (50%). The Dr said he is doing very well. He will be taller than he is heavy just like his mommy and daddy (haha!). He only had to get 1 shot today but still screamed his head off.

What is Parker up to these days:
1. Follows directions when asked to sit down so we can put his shoes on
2. Understands things we tell him..."let's go outside", "it's bath time", "it's night night time"...
3. He is eating like a big boy pretty much anything we feed him. He is very verbal about what he wants, saying "that" and pointing persistently until we understand that is what he wants
4. Mimicking things we do like spraying hairspray, vacuuming, putting on deodorant...he likes to include the sounds also!
5. Gives kisses
6. Tries to say words such as fish, trash, shewy but he can say that, Dada, mom and dog
7. Stacks blocks together and destroys anything you may have built
8. Likes to listen on the phone and occasionally might say something
9. Loves watching the Moose on Nick Jr.
10. Runs to my cell phone saying 'Dada' when it rings and when I call someone on my blue tooth in the car says 'Dada' the whole time it is ringing
11. Opens and closes doors
12. Gets into the kitchen cabinets and closes the door to hide

Parker has 10 teeth now and is cutting his bottom two one year molars now. He is Mr. Independent and throws a fit when he does not get his way (Hello Terrible Two's!!!!)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer is here!

I have been looking forward to this summer for a while now. Parker is at the perfect age that we can play outside in the play pool, sand/water table, on the play ground, go get ice cream, go on walks and enjoy the fun summer activities. We have gone to the park twice this week and Parker is really getting a hang of going down the slide without getting scared. I can't wait for our week long vacation to the beach in less then a week!! He is going to have so much fun. It will be a real joy to see things through his eyes.

20 Week Appointment

I am 21 weeks now but last week, Todd and I went to my 20 week appointment and got new pictures of the baby! We were so close to actually finding out but I knew we would regret it so I quickly opted to not know. The baby is right on tract measuring 8in and weighing 11 oz. The HR was 154 just like Parker's was. This made me start thinking it is a boy.

The only issue was that the placenta was still very low. She wants me to have another sonogram at 28 weeks to see if it has moved. If it has not moved then I will have to have a C-Section. This is not something I would ever opt for but if it is in the best interest of the baby then that is what needs to be done.

The baby has been move active, kicking a lot especially when I am sitting down at night after Parker goes to bed.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Parker has officially been signed up for a 'Mother's Day Out' at McKinney Memorial Bible Church. He starts the week after we return from vacation and goes Mondays/Wednesdays from 9a-2p. It is an Early Learning Center with a Christ Centered Curriculum. Todd and I are very excited about this opportunity for him to interact with other children. We went and toured the facility last week which prompted us to sign him up! He was ready to get down out of our arms and run right into a class. I just hope that when the actual day comes, he will be just as ready to go. We bought him a big boy Monkey backpack last night and just need to get him a nap mat. Hopefully we will both be able to hold it together on his first day.

Baby is Moving!

Thursday night I saw the baby move in my tummy for the first time! Although I have been feeling the baby move for several weeks now, I actually saw my stomach become deformed and move. It's one of the craziest parts of pregnancy. I am getting more and more anxious to know if we are having a boy or girl but am trying to be very patient as I know it will be worth it to wait. I hit the half way mark on Thursday (20 weeks) and go Wednesday for my check-up and sonogram. Can't wait!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Wow! I am truly a blessed mother and daughter. This was the best Mothers Day! Todd really out did his self....dinner and flowers Friday night, chocolate covered strawberries delivered Saturday and a fabulous day Sunday with my family at the parents! I am so thankful for my mom and mother-in-law. They are wonderful people that inspire me to be a great mom.

Today at my parents we enjoyed a great lunch followed by Ice Cream Sundaes all of which Parker was asleep for. It was nice to be able to relax while my little booger got some rest! When he woke up at 4pm we played and had lots of fun. He loves playing with the water hose and he even got in the pool. I love that little boy. He's too much fun!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

17 Weeks

I am 17 weeks, 5 days pregnant today! I am feeling much different this go around on my pregnancy...much more tired, less sick, and not so focused on what to expect each week because I know now but anxious to know how Parker is going to react and feel once the baby gets here. My days are filled with spending time with Parker when I'm not working and letting him know that he is of utmost importance in my life. I don't want him to feel neglected or of unimportance when the baby arrives. I have read many things on helping siblings when a baby arrives and one of them is to involve them in the daily routine of the baby...have him help with the diaper changing, help rock the baby, and let them hold the baby. All of which will be very interesting with Parker.

All plans to decorate a nursery are being put off until we know where we will be living. If we are still in the same house come the first of September then I may have to go ahead and get the nursery ready. We are going to move our guest bedroom to the now empty room and make the guest bedroom the nursery. So that's the plan! The ultimate plan would be in a different house in Weatherford...3b/2b. The kids will share a room and the extra bedroom will be a guest room or play room. We will just have to wait and see where the Lord guides us.

We go May 19th for our 20 week visit and we also get to see a sono of the baby! We are looking forward to seeing how much the baby has grown and changed since it was just a little pea!