Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's new with the 2 crazies...


He has always loved music but now he is constantly singing. It doesn't have to even be a real song but something he makes up and sings.

His vocabulary is huge. He says just about anything and everything and clearly communicates with his words.

Tries to keep up with Parker. Even got to practice with him and his team at a recent soccer practice!

Does 24 piece jig saw puzzles

Still eats like a champ!

Wears 3t-4t clothes.

Wears size 7 1/2 -8 shoe

He is still doing good on his potty but still has an occasional accident.

Had the Croup a few weeks ago so he was out of school for a week and we were giving him breathing treatments every 4-6 hours. So glad he is over it!!



Smart little boy!! Learned how to spell his name out loud last week and this week he wrote his name for the first time! (proud mommy moment!) ...and learned to spell Austin today.

Still loves puzzles. I think he is outgrowing the 48 piece puzzles already!

Wears 4t-5t

Wears size 9 1/2 shoe

Loves to play soccer, build with blocks, play cars, pretend play (dress up and kitchen)

Picky eater just like his daddy

Remembers everything. He can tell me how to get to and from school, church, soccer or Mimi and Papi's. He remembers the landmarks and knows his right from his left.

Can dress himself unless there are a lot of buttons and he usually needs a little help


After many rough nights (week) with Austin after having croup, we decided to put them in the same room. We are going on a week now of room sharing and its seems to have done the trick and solved the problem for the most part. Austin woke up the first night but after being reminded that Parker was there he was back asleep with no problem. Austin is still in his crib. We aren't ready to cross that bridge yet! Now that they are in the same room, we have made the other room a play room. I love it because they seem so much more interested in their toys and at the end of the day I don't have to pick it up or worry about stepping on a stray block in the night. If it was this easy, I would have done it weeks ago!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy 6th Anniversary

What a great Anniversary Surprise Todd had for me this year for our 6th Anniversary!! We had plans to eat dinner a Silver Fox in Fort Worth while the kids stayed at my sisters. I thought it was great that he made the effort to make the plans and reservations to go to eat but no that was not it. He had 18 red roses on our table at the restaurant and our toasting glasses from our wedding waiting also. It was well thought out on his part and very sweet. The dinner was perfect! How gratefully blessed and I am to have such a wonderful husband and father to my children. I am looking forward to many more happy years together!

Fort Worth Alliance Air Show

To finish off our Anniversary weekend, we chose to have a family day also. The Air Show just so happened was the same weekend of our Anniversary. We all had a blast. We picnicked in the parking lot and then went in for 3 hours of fun! Watching the planes and jets were amazing and scary all at the same time. There was also plenty of planes, jets and fire trucks for us to look at and touch also. We ended it with plenty of bounce houses and slides to wear the boys out....


....but the fun wasn't over there! We were off to a Halloween Birthday Party next. We quickly dressed the boys upon arrival and partied away...playing and painting pumpkins. It was Noah's 5th birthday and definitely a huge hit!

Fall Festivities

A Couple weeks ago, I took the boys to a local pumpkin patch. They also had a bounce house and we were the only ones there! Between jumps, the boys picked out several pumpkins we got to bring home and they also got a little pumpkin of their own!

Friday we had a low key Family night. We had breakfast for dinner and then carved a pumpkin as a family. The boys were so excited about this. They helped cut the face but it was a bit scary to give a 2 and 3 year old a knife so I took the reins and finished! They were all about the cutting, playing in the seeds with a spoon and finally putting the "fire" in the pumpkin.

The following day we went to Boo at The Zoo with Kelly, Brooks and Bryce. It was expectantly crowded but fun. All three boys were dressed in their costumes and ready to Trick-or-Treat! We did more of the Boo at The Zoo activities than we did look at animals. It was a fun treat for the boys and they got plenty of candy!!

We also attended the Old Fashioned Spaghetti Dinner at CCA that night. It is a fundraiser to raise money for our school. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun and a huge success. We bid on a 'Twas The Night Before Christmas basket and is full of fun stuff we can do together this Christmas (cookie mixes, hot chocolate, Christmas book, throw, Christmas movie, pop corn, candy, Cookies For Santa platter...). We can't wait to enjoy it all!!