Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sick Baby

We made it 14 months without Parker getting sick. Monday morning my dad woke up with strep throat so I new it was only a matter of time before one of us got sick since we were around him all day Sunday. After 3 nights of restless sleep for Parker and us, I took P to the Dr today to find out he has strep too. I hate to see him sick but am loving every minute of cuddle time. I took a 2 1/2/ hr nap when we got home from the doctor and spend lots of time cuddling with me the rest of the day. Hopefully now that he is on antibiotics he will get a better nights sleep so we can too!

What a Blessed Weekend

We had a fun filled Easter weekend but it first started with a long time friend getting married. Friday evening, we left Parker with a sitter again and enjoyed the evening out at a wedding and dinner. I have know Nicole since I was 2 yrs old and it was so great to be there when she tied the knot! It was also nice to have some time out with the hubby. Parker did great with the sitter and was sound asleep when we got home.

Saturday we drove to east Texas to have Easter with Parker's Nana and Gaga and the rest of their family. We enjoyed a nice lunch, Easter egg hunt and visit. It is always great to see everyone on that side of the fam as we only see them a couple times a year. Parker put a lot of miles of his little legs running after all the kids, playing in the water and hunting eggs. It was a good visit and wee look forward to going back this summer. Parker crashed on the way home then refused to go to sleep once we got home. What a turkey!
We were up bright and early again Sunday headed to church and my parents for yet another Easter. We enjoyed both lunch and dinner although I felt like I grazed all day! Parker and his 2 cousins M & M hunted Easter eggs and played their little hearts out all day. Again, those little legs got lots of miles on them! When we left, Todd and decided there was no sleeping for P on the way home so he would sleep when we got home which was successful. He was out when we got home.The weekend was very busy but a lot of fun. I always enjoy the holidays especially when I get to spend them with my family...the people dearest to my heart!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Eventful Weekend

We had a fun but eventful weekend. It started off with Parker pulling my straightener off the bathroom counter and burning himself on the pinkie just as Todd and I are about to leave for dinner. He quickly calmed down but it looked pretty bad. We left Parker at home with a babysitter. Ms. Bethany did great with him and she loved him. We went to dinner at Joe T's for Todd's 40th Surprise Birthday Party!!! He was surprised and was able to enjoy the evening with great family and great friends! The next morning, Parker and I dropped Todd off at work (because I have another flat tire..ugh!) and headed to the March of Dimes walk at Ferrington Field. We met up with a friend and Parker's girlfriend Ella and several other people where we walked to honor Baby Camden. Camden was born at only 1 lb 7 oz and 17 in and is doing great now at 7 mo! It's amazing what miracles these hospitals work. We walked 3.1 miles and this prego mama felt every mile of it. We were exhausted and in need of a nap and so that's exactly what Parker and I did before taking my car to get the tire fixed. Did I mention...Parker wanted to go on a wagon ride before we went to Discount Tire and again after we got home. I am pretty sure I walked 10 miles that day! We were so excited to go pick dada up and spend the evening grilling out. I love these time together as a family. We were all exhausted that night. The next day Todd was off and we took Parker to get blue bonnet pictures which didn't turn out too good due to the gusty winds and then we went downtown Fort Worth for the Main Street Art Festival. We love people watching and eating the yummy food. Overall, it was a great weekend and family filled which is so very important.

Ella and Parker getting ready to go walking...

Blue Bonnet pictures...

Chowing down on a funnel cake at the Main Street Arts Festival...
Parker went to the doctor which was also eventful. After Todd and Parker waiting over an hour, they were finally called back and I was fuming. Parker's burned that I originally thought wasn't so bad ended up being a third degree burn. His had was scrubbed clean, medicated and now wrapped in gauze and a sock which goes all the way up to his shoulder. He can't stand it..pulling and biting at it all the time. Tonight I cried till he fell asleep because he couldn't suck his thumb to sooth him self. I am emotionally drained today from all the guilt of this happening to him. Todd and I will have to clean and wrap it once a day to help prevent infection. The doctor says if it looks better by Thursday then the sock and gauze can come off. I sure hope my baby gets better soon.Parker's finger on Saturday...On the way to the Dr...After the Dr with the sock on his arm...Taking a bath with it covered because it can't be submerged in water.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Parker Man Update

We have been very busy lately leaving me no time to blog. So this is a catch up up date on the P man. He is still keeping us very busy when he is not asleep. He wants your full attention whether we are playing inside, going on a wagon/bike ride, playing in the water or playing in the sand table. He loves to play and stay busy. He is such a joy and a lot of fun. He is still eating like a big boy...he likes most anything you feed him or put in front of him. He especially likes to eat the food before I buy it at the grocery store! He points and says "that"...meaning that he wants to eat it "now". He has developed a little demanding side of him lately. When he wants something whether it be food, to get down, a toy or something else in sight he screams. There are days when it is really bad and days like today when he may do it only once. Todd and I do not tolerate it at all. He is quickly told no and directed in another direction. If this fails he has received a spanking or time out. We definitely have a strong willed child on our hands! Lord give me patience because I sure am going to need them. We had no luck with te childcare issue. The one center we visited was not somewhere I would ever think about putting him. It was not clean and did not seem to be the right environment for Parker. That motherly instinct of mine just told me it wasn't right! The schools we want to put P in will have openings in the summer and I am looking forward to putting him there just 2 days a week since I will feel comfortable with it. More updates to come as the time nears. We are now counting down the days to Easter. We are looking forward to seeing lots of family. Until then here are pictures of our recent doings...
Sand Table fun!!

Taking a ride on the Smart Trike
Eating my banana at Sprouts as mom wonders around aimlessly in the store

Hanging out at Ella's bday party

Veggin' out!

Love the water

HEHE! Mom was dressing me up...getting ready for the pool and beach
More time at the sand table

Go Rangers...opening day!