Thursday, July 19, 2012

Visit to Mt. Pleasant

Monday we made a trip to Mt. Pleasant to take Larry and Reba their dinning table back and spend some time with them. The boys got to enjoy playing outside, riding on the tractor and playing in a play pool.

One, Two, Three, Four Steps!!!

Can you believe it, Austin took four consecutive steps yesterday. His first official step was Tuesday while we were in Mt. Pleasant. He hasn't taken more than one step since but it is a very exciting start to him beginning to walk! Give him a week and he will be off and running. He can also stand up on his own now without holding on to anything!! He loves to stand and clap his hands.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Swim Lessons

Parker did 2 weeks of swim lessons that started back on June 18th. There are no pictures to show all the drama that we encountered but take my work when I say 'drama'!! The lessons were private and you dropped your child off at their lesson time and did not linger. You were allowed back for the last 5 minutes to observe what they learned. The lessons were only 30 min long. Day one included 30 minutes of screaming "mommy". Although he loves that water and is very comfortable around it, he is not comfortable in new places with new people. Day two he only cried for 15 min and day three 5 min. Each day we rewarded with candy for doing good and I also sent him with a mouth full a couple times to keep him from crying! After day three, he only fussed for a second but then they said he did great. He would frequently say and still says 'no swimming' because he doesn't want to go back but I think it was a good experience overall. We will definitely be going back again. He learned how to hold his breathe under water and swim to the side to pull him self up, lay on his back and do 'monkey, airplane, soldier'. This is a survival skill in case he were ever in the middle of the pool and cant get to the side. Although we still need to continue to practice these skills, I am very comfortable with him in the water without floaties as long as an adult is also there in the water supervising. He has come a long way since we began swimming this summer. Maybe next summer we will get pictures at swim lessons and have a lot less screaming and crying!!

Parker's Prayer

I love the pure innocents that children have. Last week Parker wanted to pray at bedtime after I got done. His prayer went like this..."Dear God, Thank you for daddy and cookies. Amen." Then he looked at me with a big smile. That boy can melt my heart sometimes. Love him!

Todd's Staycation

We got 9 whole days with Todd home and it was wonderful!! We enjoyed every minute and got very spoiled with him being here. S what did we do with all this free time?!? Well to begin the staycation, Larry and Reba came in town to help keep the boys and visit while Todd got his 3rd and final shot in his back for the back pain. You would think 3rd times a charm but nope, that's not the case. He is now testing the healing powers of a chiropractor and it seems to be helping. While the boys Nana and Gaga were here they enjoyed playing with them and watching cartoons with them!

 The next day, Todd and I got a much needed date night! My parents came to my house and we went and stayed there. We also enjoyed a yummy dinner at Wild Mushroom. The following day we were able to relax a bit before the hoodlums arrival! We spent the rest of the day and the next day swimming.

We swam a lot during his time off. One day at Megan's and then another at Nicole and Melvins. We enjoyed cooking out burgers and hanging with good friends.

Here's Cammie and Parker chowing down before we swam!

Taking a break from the sun...well Kinda! We went to the museum for some indoor fun with Madeleine, Meadow and Megan which turned into some more water fun!

Our one day during the whole 9 days spent at home included painting, shredding and family fun relaxing!!

Finally, we ended the staycation with a trip to Pirate's Cove water park in Burleson. Parke was super excited and did very well. He loved going down the big slides and splashing in the water. Austin also enjoyed the water and even caught a cat nap while we were there.

We were all very sad when Todd returned to work. I know Austin became very attached to him during the time he was home and when he got home from work, Austin couldn't wait to get in his arms!!