Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Video Updates

Here are some recent videos of the boys...

Blue Bonnets

Today we made a stop on our way back from Austin's Dr appointment to take some pictures of the boys in blue bonnets. Austin was passed out so we started with Parker. It was a bit difficult at first to get him to smile and look at the camera but after a bit of bribing with candy we got several good shots of him. After awhile we woke Austin up and attempted to get some of him also but he wasn't digging being woke up from pictures!!

6 Month Check Up

Today we took Austin for his 6 month check up. He was a very happy boy when we got there, flirting with the girl at the front desk. Needless to say he was not aware he was getting 4 shots. I felt horrible as Ms. Lisa gave him the shots and I held him as he screamed harder and harder with everyone. She even hit a vein causing it to bleed a lot and she said it will bruise and hurt. Poor guy was wore out after all that. He was so tired tonight he fell asleep in Todd's arms outside. Hopefully he gets a good (ALL NIGHT'S) rest as we are going to let me cry it out. He is a very healthy growing boy who doesn't need to wake up in the night to feed.

His stats were:

Weight --> 19.10 lbs. (80%)

Height --> 27 1/4 in. (80%)

Head --> 44 cm (55%)

He is eating apples, pears, sweet potatoes, and strawberries. He doesn't care for rice cereal one bit. He spit it out and screams when you give it to him. A boy with a temper!!

He is still rocking back and forth but also moving like an inchworm to get to his toys and any other item he may want. He sits on his own great with little to no help!!

He loves to swing, be outside on a blanket playing and with his momma!! Yes he is a mommas boy which is wonderful at times but exhausting when I need a break.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Break

Spring Break has come and gone but we made sure and made every minute count and had lots of fun!!!

Day 1-We met a friend and her 3 kids at the park for a play date. Parker was able to play with David and Olivia, Austin and Sophie played, and the moms got to enjoy some adult time!!

Austin and Sophie hanging out together...After our 3 hour play date the kids crashed but there was more fun to come...a ride in the stroller and more playing outside!! Day 2-We had another fun play date at the park but this time with my sister and niece. They brought a kite to fly. It was more entertaining to watch my sister try and get the thing to fly with 3 kids as her assistants than to watch it fly!!

Day 3-Todd was off work so we set up Parker's soccer goal and played outside. Didn't get any pictures this day as we were all busy playing outside!!

Day 4-We went and rode the Forrest Park Miniature Train. Parker did great and only got antsy at the mid way point to pick more people up.

Day 5-We started off the day waiting for the trash man to come by. Parker is a bit obsessed with the trash man lately. Then we were off to a fun filled day at Mimi and Papi's with Madeleine and Meadow. We were there for 6 hours and Parker was full force the WHOLE time!! He was in the water, playing in the drive way, played in the dirt...needless to say, he left in just a diaper because his clothes were filthy! Austin hung out some but he also took a long nap.

Waiting on the trash man...

Leaving the exhausted!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

1st Tooth

Austin cut his first tooth yesterday!! It is on the bottom left and very sharp. He has been having a drool fest lately so we knew the day was near. Not to mention several sleepless nights for him and mama. Parker gave his necklace to Austin to use now that he is almost done cutting his teeth and Austin is just now beginning the painful process. Hopefully it will be as helpful for Austin as it has been for Parker.

Ahhh...There's a new tooth in there and I love rubbing my tongue across it!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Turning Point

Before Parker turned 2, he had always wanted someone in the same room as him when he played and wouldn't play long. He was always whinny (at least it seemed that way) and seemed like a lost little soul. The week of his birthday things seemed to escalate and peek the day after staying the night at my parents. He was very hateful toward me and threw tantrum after tantrum ALL day. He has since become the most loving, happy little boy, full of energy, who plays great by him self. He has changed so much since his 2nd Birthday. So maybe I exaggerated a bit on him being whinny but those are the times that seem to stand out looking back! Was his 2nd birthday a turning point?!? Moving from terrible two's to a big boy?!?

Friday, March 9, 2012

The New Do!

Parker went from a puff ball to buzzed in just 30 minutes Tuesday. We thought Parker going to Sport Clips with Todd to get a hair cut would be a great idea and that maybe he would do really good sitting in Todd's lap. Not so much....it was a scream fest from the minute he sat in the chair. Well in my lap in the chair. I had the physically restrain him, his arms and legs as they (yes 2 people) cut his hair. One was entertaining (trying) and the other was doing the actual cutting. I am pretty sure the only other person in there thought we were horrible parents for making his go through this over a hair cut. After all the blood, sweat and tears he loved his new hair cut and even looks in the mirror to check it out saying 'Dada' as it looks much like Todd's haircut! Silly boy...you would think that was his first hair cut but no it was his 4th!



Brotherly Love

My boys really do love each other to death! Austin may not be able to give hugs and kisses yet but he loves being with Parker at all times of the day and playing with him as does Parker love to play with Austin!

Here they are watching cartoons before bed...


Not only is Austin on his hands and knees all the time rocking now but he also took his first 'crawl' today! Only one foot and hand moved but it is progress in the right direction!!
So maybe this wasn't in the right direction...he had moved backwards from the rug to the side of the entertainment center and was happy just hanging out over there!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

2 Year Check Up

Yesterday we paid Dr. Davidson a visit for Parker's 2 year check up. When we pulled into the parking lot he finally realized where we were going. I had promised him that he didn't have to have shots all morning but I was so sad to find out when we got there that I was wrong. He did have a shot but only one. He did so good when Lisa gave it too him. I distracted him with the sun on the wall and once he felt the sting he only cried for a minute. The rest of the day all he talked about was his booboo.

Dr. D says Parker is a growing healthy boy! His stats were....

Height: 34.5 inch ---> (60%)

Weight: 26.8 lbs ---> (30%)

Head: 48.6 cm ---> (50%)

The Dr says he will be tall and skinny at this growth rate which doesn't surprise me!! He says to start potty training seriously when Parker initiates it. Hopefully this will be a task we conquer this summer so I will then only have 1 in diapers.

In the past week we have really been on Parker about not sucking his thumb. We have even put a band aid on it at times to keep it out of his mouth. I don't mind it when he sleeps but would like to break it during the day. So far he is doing good and even talking a lot more now that his thumb isn't always in his mouth.

We go back yearly now!